Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #10

Avast and begorrah, zounds and blimey, it’s that time again already. It’s the

Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #10

This week I present three questions that may be critical or trivial, depending on your point of view. Whilst not binding on any decisions made, community input is always invaluable, so anyone who feels they have something to contribute, please join in and tell us about your experiences.

  1. If you were writing a forge mod to add content, would you make it depend on Sponge?
    We are interested in the potential uptake of sponge by the modding community. SpongeForge offers a number of advantages and novel features for Forge-based servers. Would you utilise these features in your mod?

  2. Do you run an un-modded server when a new version of Minecraft is released?
    Many server owners delay updating to the latest version of Minecraft because their server depends on mods or plugins to operate as intended. Some run test servers and do their best to find ways to break the new Minecraft. What about you?

  3. How much RAM do you assign to your usual MC client?
    Experiences may vary by OS, and by the type of client you favour. What works best for you?

Once again, I must announce that this concludes this week’s interrogatory interruptions. For those of you not equipped with a Time-machine, here is a flashback to last week’s SpongeDocs Quiz #9. For anyone who does have a time machine, please assassinate Hitler and send me next week’s lotto numbers. Fare well, Spongineers, and do not mine too Deep, for FLARD may dwell in the darknessssssss…

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  1. It would be an interesting idea nonetheless.

  2. The team I work with have a couple test servers we use for new updates, and sometimes they are modded.

  3. 4GB on Windows 10 x64


1: Yes I will especially if it is a big one, if it is a small mod probably not.
2: I never did that in the past on my old server.
3: I assign 8 out of 32GB of RAM because I can! :stuck_out_tongue: I also use the MultiMC launcher instead of the original launcher.

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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If you allocate more than 4 the GC tends to get lazy.

I am aware of that but I didn’t have that on mind, I need to test the performance between 4 and 8GB of ram then maybe post it on this forum.

  1. No
  2. I’m always hosting unmodded servers, only plugins
  3. 8GB, but the MC default works as well
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  1. Probably not depend, but I would definitely add a compatibility layer.
  2. No. I just share a Forge and a vanilla client.
  3. The default (1 GB).
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  1. Yes. This allows for less work when MC updates, as Forge will break eventually.
  2. Yep. I check out the new features first, while waiting for new server releases. My servers however aren’t open to the public and for testing purposes only :wink:
  3. 1gb is enough for me, nothing heavily modded over here…
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