Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #11

What? Is it that time already? Oh. … Well, here is the

Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #11

Invading the well-organised thoughts of at least three people, these emanations come to you with the hope of receiving community input and discussion, that most valued of democratic artifacts. Please consider lending us your opinions on the following matters, that we may most wisely and sagely bicker about it.

  1. Will you try out the 4000 Characters or less Plugin Challenge?
    This Code Golf Challenge started by Zidane is an echo of the 50 lines or less challenge from Bukkit.
    Put to good use here, it can help test and expand the horizons of the SpongeAPI.

  2. What good uses can we put the Sponge Test Server to?
    The demo server from State of Sponge does not do much in-between. It could be opened to the public, for testing and for the community to engage. Should we try this, and if so, how, and why?

  3. What Forge mods do you know of that are updated (or compatible) with Minecraft 1.8?
    Many mod developers have decided to forego 1.8 in favour of the upcoming 1.9 release.
    This makes mods that work with 1.8 (and hence Sponge) thin on the ground. Which ones have you found?

Salutations to you all for bearing through this tide of enquiry, and if you feel the urge for more introspective interrogation you may wish to revisit the past Quiz #10. Many voices make a chorus, and thus we rise to be heard on common themes. Such as the FLARD corporate anthem, which I cannot include here for copyright reasons.

  1. I might post my code for my mini-plugins there.
  2. Yes it might be a good idea, people could test plugins(such as PEX and other popular plugins) and the server itself for stability.
  3. I don’t know any sadly.
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I cannot comment on 1 or 2 but here’s the mother of all mod list’s

  1. Yes, if I get any ideas on what to do.
  2. I’d say use it for community purposes.
  3. See @TrenTech’s answer:
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  1. It’s kind of boring that submissions follow the sponge coding standard. Maybe I will create one.
  2. Test server for plugins sounds good. Let the community vote which plugins should be installed every week.
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  1. (just like JBYoshi): If i have a good idea, i’ll try it
  2. A Testserver with various plugins to showoff what Sponge can do would be nice. I like the idea of voting too, weekly might be too short though. I suggest 14 days. I’d love to see the Sponge Community build together too (build projects anyone?).
  3. A list with compatible/incompatible mods would be nice. Iirc there’s a topic around somewhere.
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