Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #23

As the last drops fall from the still, be ready for the latest batch of

Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #23

These latest musings present a range of questions across the breadth of possibilities within the game. Everyone is welcome to contribute their opinions, share their ideas, and generally praise or criticise whatever comments take your fancy. Some may eventually make it’s way into the endless cycle of development and refinement.

  1. Which gamemode do you favour when you play Minecraft?
    Adventure mode has it’s amusements, creative gives near omnipotence, spectator is the ultimate spy tool, and good old survival mode remains the single player default. When you have the choice, which do you prefer?

  2. How would you implement something like golf in Sponge?
    There have been a few attempts at making golf-like mini-games in Minecraft, using only vanilla mechanics or generic plugins. How would you make a game using Sponge that functioned in a similar fashion?

  3. How difficult would it be to implement Sponge (or modding in general) on the C-based platforms (ie. W10 Minecraft, MCPE)?
    The advent of the MC platform on Win-10 has made that version more widespread, but it has nothing like the modding ecosystem that follows the more common Java version. Will it ever?

Many appreciations for your considerations. If answering random enquiries beats your drum, more rhythms may be found in the previous Quiz. Until the next change of beat, try not to get lost in the ocean of alterations…

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  1. Survival because that’s the only real Minecraft feeling.
  2. Invincible little slime without AI punished by a “knockback stick”.
  3. I always wanted to learn C like languages. Sponge would be a great motivation. But I don’t know anything about it yet, so I don’t know how difficult it is to mod.
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For general case (non-Minecraft) one of greatly modded C++ game without any support from game developers is San Andreas. Then again, R* released only one patch, and it was optional (well, except for third, anti-modding one, but it can be downgraded). So it was easier for modders to directly inject stuff into memory without worrying about next patch ruining all offsets.
P.S. Also, you don’t have to write C++ plugins for C++ game. It could be Delphi, or any other language, as long as you’re modifying memory correctly and functions have same calling convention, etc.

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  1. I prefer creative because I like flying around, exploring the world, and testing plugins. I am not very good at survival too, but as @RandomByte says, Survival because that's the only real Minecraft feeling.

  2. A player will have a stick, when he hits the small slime it will give the slime a velocity to glide on direct from where the person is leaning (for example from right to left of the player).

  3. I do not have experience with modifying binary executable, but I feel it is going to be somewhat hard especially if the modding community will create a patcher to add a mod loader into those kind of games. Or Mojang should implement a mod loader on those kind of platforms.

  1. I loved the pre-1.8 Adventure mode along with Bonus Chest. It brought a sort of realism to Minecraft, where you needed the right tool to break blocks. Most of my Minecrafting is also spent in adventure mode, because custom maps hold an allure that survival doesn’t.
  2. I wouldn’t, because I’m shit at minigames.
  3. Very. Mojangsoft would have to create a modding API specifically for that, and it wouldn’t be bypassable due to how C works.
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  1. Survival, I love making, big things completely legit!
  2. Using only vanilla mechanics, I would use a tiny invincible slime with AI disabled and sticks with varying knockback!
  3. I know it’s possible (due to the numerous mods for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but have no idea how specifically to do it (nor do I know C.
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  1. As a server owner I spend most of my time in creative mode, but with the 1.9 update, I find myself spending more and more time in survival because of the Alytra :stuck_out_tongue:

    However, I am conceptually a big fan of adventure mode, and am currently devising ways to incorporate it in my server for added gameplay. I also use spectator a lot while “patrolling” the server.

    So, in conclusion, I guess I like all the gamemodes for different situations. Because of its promise of deepening gameplay, however, Adventure has got to be my favourite.

  2. Since the obvious solution has already been stated thrice, I’ll try something else. Perhaps a Sponge item entity that explodes on impact, propelling it away from whatever hit it? Using tools for different clubs, potentially implementing 20 kinds.

  3. I have only introductory knowledge of C++, and none at all to modding in it, so I honestly don’t have any idea.

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1. Which game mode do you favour when you play Minecraft?

I find myself favoring Survival more often than not, simply because, well that’s how the game was made to be played, as well as its just a more challenging experience. Having everything at your fingertips is no fun.

2.How would you implement something like golf in Sponge?

Well, i wouldn’t do golf first off. I’d do like soccer, and to be honest, I have little idea. You could do like a block of wool on ice or something, no mods needed.

3. How difficult would it be to implement Sponge on the C-based platforms?

I know basic BASIC c++, but it wouldn’t be terribly difficult.

Sorry for le bump <3

Didnt even realize how old this was

Just gonna say, Creative is how the game was “made to be played,” Survival was introduced later in development.

Just the AUGH DAMMIT part applies here