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As some of you might have noticed there have been several topic about the same subject over and over again. It - as some of you might agree - began to annoy people and even mods. There are indeed topics covering all of this in great detail but not everyone has the time to search for those and read them. But before I start making this ‘immense’ thread I will first give a link to the official FAQ for people who were not able to find it.

Will Sponge force me to use a modded server?
If you have never used Forge or anything similair you might think you need to install atleast 1 mod for Sponge to work properly, honestly I thought it was for mods only too when I first joined Sponge. But it is not. Sponge is - without mods - completely Vanilla to support the beloved vanilla servers created by loads. So if nothing is going to change in any way, which I hope, there is no need for any plugins to make your server work.

Will plugins be easy to ‘turn into mods’?
With Sponge being a coremod, I understand that you think that many developers would accidently add a modded feature like a giant bunny into the game and the answer to this question is maybe. Mods aren’t deadly though. Sponge is an intersection of Bukkit and Forge meaning it will both have mods and plugin, this is unavoidable.

Why do I feel like the communication isn’t that proper?
Sponge is not very ‘open’, it’s open-source I know. But with not very open I mean youre not really in contact with everyone. But you should do some more research on this one. There are people who are actively working on the API and aren’t really that active on the forums.

Is there any easy way to connect with other people who are involved in this effort?
There is a Mumble server and the IRC. and if you want to join the IRC you can read this thread.

Where can I find a complete list of the staff with pictures and links?
There are 2 places where you can find a complete list of all the staff. First of all you can go to the main page (spongepowered.org). Or you can take a look at the thread created by @MrMysteri0us which you can find here. If you want to connect to any of the support members you can click this.

What are the rules that apply to the forums?
- Do not be excessively vulgar or post inappropriate content
- Do not create threads or posts to incite flame wars (they’ll likely be locked)
- Keep your replies mostly on topic
- Categorize your topics correctly
- Complete list of rules and guidelines by @DarkArcana can be found here

Where can I propose my idea’s for the API?
You can alwasy - if you want - propose your ideas to i.e. @DarkArcana or @Owexz. But I wouldn’t suggest proposing any idea’s involving build-in plugins or anything similair, they won’t be accepted because the team tries to keep the API as vanilla as possible for the support of competely vanilla servers.

Where can I learn how to create a Sponge plugin?
First of all you have to learn Java. It is the base of everything relating to Minecraft because Minecraft is competely coded using Java. After that I would suggest reading some source code and wait until the API is completed because everything can change in one update. Also if needed watch some tutorials if they are out.

Why didn’t I get a reply to my developer application?

How can I setup Maven with Sponge?
Please view this thread for a very detailed explaination of this question. He also mentions several reason why you should choose Maven and basic Maven usage.

Can I transfer my old files from Bukkit to Sponge?
You can keep the world but plugins will need to be remade unless ‘Pore’ happens. If Sponge goes with different configuration format someone will make a configuration converter (Well lets hope so).

Will Sponge syntax be similair to Bukkit?
They have quite some differences. Don’t go learn Bukkit’s API if you’re not planning on going to code.

Suggestions? Feedback? Leave it down below.

Sponge Resources
GitHub - Twitter - Reddit - Official FAQ - IRC

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Why even mention it then? Get a life.

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@PierreC I have no idea what your talking about.

Anyway good FAQ. But we will have to watch out that we don’t get to many sticky threads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

No, what you were doing is spreading panic without giving any reason. And yes, that is a reason to be banned. You were given chance to explain your point but you didn’t.

Don’t worry about too many stickies. These are all going to be consumed and put into the wiki.


I understand that the wiki is of great usage, but you should consider people aren’t going to find the wiki as easy as pinned topics. The forums is definitly the most - apart from the api itself - populair part. So people will just straight click on the forums without even looking. Unless you make a thread which explains this choice in great detail.

OK you two, we already mentioned not inciting flame wars. Don’t turn this thread into one. Thank you.

So something along the lines of:

The Sponge Wiki is an essential part of the Sponge Community. The Sponge Wiki is another resource where members of the community can both read the articles, but also help develop and update the same article. In addition to the members of the community contributing to the wiki there is a dedicated team who’s sole job is to keep all the information in the articles correct and up-to-date.

If they’d like to learn new things, they’ll go to the wiki before taking a glance at the forums, that’s for sure.