Sponge Group

Hey People :smile:

I just thought that these forums needed a way for people to talk to each other outside the forums, so I’ve decided to make a Skype group consisting of… well… us!

Mod Edit: Nope don’t do this

I wouldn’t suggest using skype for many reasons, rather, you should use the official IRC!:

You’ve been beaten!

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Mod edit is wise. Also, it’s a pretty risky idea to allow just anyone into a Skype call. I’m sure quite a few of us have been DDoS’d through Skype, and it sucks. Let’s also not leave the forums in favor of an unmoderated massive Skype group. That stuff gets out of hand, and possibly would result in illegal activity.

edit: I’m not bashing OP, just warning him that Skype calls with huge groups of strangers can actually get dangerous. I haven’t been involved with calls like that, but it happens and I’ve heard/read accounts of it.

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My thoughts exactly!


If, and I’m saying only if we were going to do this, TeamSpeak would be a better option imho

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There’s a mumble too!

Oh, well sorry for wasting you guys’ time. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are not wasting time! It’s good to see people trying to connect outside of the forums :smiley: