Sponge website design ideas

The title is already telling you :smile:


  1. (top image) - A version of the current site with shrinked header, so that more content is visible. This would follow the design of the current page.
  2. (bottom image, left) - A design that would fit the forum design, but it has less " fancy image" in it. This would require new design rules.
  3. (bottom image, right) - Mobile version of [2. (bottom image, left)]. Maybe this could be improved with some kind of menu button to the right: http://i.imgur.com/fOivKqr.png


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It’s decent. However i doubt it will be used as the official design.

Don’t know why, but I kind of dislike it…
I think it looks a bit too messy for me. :confused:

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So far ik they are working on it.

I’ve read that before.
As said, those are just ideas :wink:

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Then why did you create this thread? They are not going to use your idea, (!Maybe!)

Design? For what? PLAIN TEXT WEBSITES FOR THE WIN :smiley:

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Pastebin distorts it, copy it to notepad++ or equivlent