SpongeAPI Rev. 2

SpongeAPI Revision 2

We are happy to announce the release of SpongeAPI Revision 2! New features added since 1.1 include:

  • Data API: An all encompassing API that is designed to have the most
    expandability and uniqueness of manipulating data from the four
    biggest sources of data: Blocks, ItemStacks, Entities, and
  • Text API rev. 2: Completely refactors all of the previous Messaging API to
    use classes for easier testability, easier registration and creation
    of Texts and more
  • Player Networking API: An easy to understand
    representation of “plugin” channels and registration of custom
    channels for sending custom data to clients.
  • Inventory API: A uniquely refined inventory system that aims at
    expandability and introduces “querying” to getting the information of
    an inventory you’re interested in and less worried about the
    ambiguous type of inventory you have.
  • Bans API: An easy to understand ban system for SpongeAPI.
  • Commands API rev. 2: Introduces a powerful command system with easy to use
    utilities and easy to set up structure.
  • World Management: Multiple world support is in! SpongeAPI can now
    register, create, generate, and modify worlds at a whim!
  • Statistics: A proper statistics representation with granting,
    removing, modifying, and grouping of various statistics that players
    are granted over time for various actions
  • Scoreboards: Full scoreboard support with adding objectives, formatting using Text API, and much more.

…and an almost untold amount of additions and refinements to existing structures.

With this release, we now move onward to our next revision; SpongeAPI Rev. 2.1

Plugin developer? Ready to get to work? Start here:



8 Months and still going strong! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


good work sponge :smile:



YA :D. Keep it rolling … .

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