SpongeDocs Review and Planning

Hello again, Sponge cosmos.

SpongeDocs has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings, and now a plethora of translations have commenced. New PRs are arriving, and we greatly appreciate the contributions from the community. However, as it grows, it becomes more cumbersome to manage. SpongeDocs needs a few more able assistants, if they’re out there.

This is addressed in particular to those involved in writing and managing SpongeDocs, and our translation teams working on Crowdin.

There are a lot of people now working on translating the Docs into many languages using our instance at Crowdin. However, there is no organised structure to some of these teams, and this may lead to conflict. We would like to appoint some Reviewers or Team Co-ordinators, to help things along. (Once Docs are Reviewed, they are protected from changes by other translators.) I would appreciate some feedback from the translation teams about this, so we can choose wisely.
→ EDIT: In particular, we need new co-ordinators for Chinese (China), French, Russian and Spanish. There are also six one-man translation teams…

I’d also like to apologise to any translators if it seems your problems haven’t been getting much attention. As stated, we’re a bit short on managerial staff at Crowdin, so it has been difficult to get around all the issues.

The status of or Translated pages is still a Work-in-Progress. There are plans afoot to make them available on RtD, and to make the pages on Crowdin update regularly from GitHub, but they have not yet been realised.

We Need Developers
Seriously. I may dance a fine dance, but I can’t review code examples. We have a few friendly developers who can do this from time to time, but we need more. We need dev input into the structure of the docs (issue: The Grand Scheme) to see what pages may yet be needed. We could also use a whole heap of pages written (for plugins and for Sponge development) that need an experienced devs’ eye, but even simply flagging issues as “API needed” would be a useful contribution. If you can spend 5 minutes a day looking at the odd PR or page, and put your comments in #spongedocs , then it will be a great help.

phew That largely covers the issues we currently have on the Docs. Let me again call for volunteers to jump in and assist, the more the merrier. Just ask on #spongedocs and someone can point you to a useful task. Also, please feel free to reply - this is meant to be a discussion, not rules-from-on-high. Let’s get something going that works for everyone involved, so we’re all on the same page.

EDIT: SpongeDocs now has a sub-forum here. Please try to direct all relevant message traffic that way in future.


Second person to read it

Third person to read it. I’ll look at the issues whenever I can.

Since we are 2 people in Catalan, I would suggest Mr_SpeedArt as a reviewer in catalan due to the inactivity of the other person.
I can also review something in Spanish, I’ve seen that many of the translations are a “copy-paste” from google and even the name “Sponge” is translated to “Esponja” and that needs to be corrected.

I can’t recommend anyone cause I don’t really know any of the components of either the Spanish team or the Catalan one.


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I’d like to nominate DerNivel and Evilcodes (Usernames on Transifex) as reviewers for german. They corrected my faults very well :smile:

Thanks for the update!

NVM, i meant to nominate Boformer, not Evilcodes.

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I’m not sure. They are doing a lot of word-to-word translations. Generally the quality of the German translation is pretty bad.

I think I am qualified to do the reviewer job for the German translation.
PM me if you have any questions.

PS: I will not submit any new pull requests if you don’t accept or reject my existing requests:

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Would love to help but my main language Dutch has already been completed PM’ed about joining the review team but that is all I can offer for now. I also can speak some japanese but It is far from sufficient to translate or review things.

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Hi @Inscrutable , im French, and im following the project.
I can translate SpongeAPI in french, i code on PHP,a little Java,and on VB.Net.

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Well, I’m Portguese and I studied Spanish for three years back in 3rd cycle. I noticed the Esponja thing, as well as other machine errors but didn’t say anything because I was expecting someone else, more able, would do it. Thanks :smile:

I’m translating to portuguese with the help of @kafeijao and we’re going slowly but steady… One of the things I have had many difficulties with, besides the ultra-technical terms, is the old problem that most languages face, the T–V distinction (eg. Tu-Você, Tú/Usted, Tu/Vous). I’d like to ask everyone else what you’re doing about this. I’ve been using vos but, honestly, I’d rather use the tu form, I feel it puts Sponge in a more intimate position to the user. Any thoughts?

Thank you all!

Yep, i read the german docs again and your translations seem good. I’d vote for you, i got too little spare time to do it myself but i’ll translate from time to time.

@Inscrutable, as you say

you are right but I believe that people can still do everything they need to do. Also translating and reviewing (for the Dutch translation) is funny, because you read the Docs while you weren’t planning to do. Maybe some kind of a Translator badge thingy on the forums as reward?? :wink: No, just joking :smile:

Sponge Documentation: One-Stop Shoppe

Hey, there!

I don’t code and I am not bilingual, but I can certainly help! I understand a little bit of Java stuff, but not nearly enough to do what I think you’re needing. Just PM me if you need anything. I’m not always free by any means, but there are a lot of times when I don’t have much to do. PM anytime and I’ll help out as soon as I get a chance.

Sorry for the delays, but as I said, Java is not my area of expertise. I’ve asked @sibomots to give them a look over, I haven’t had any feedback yet. I know they’re there, they look OK to me, but (as the OP explains) I can’t do everything. We appreciate the effort.

The 3 pull requests will only be the beginning :wink:

Ask some people from the API team to look at the PRs, they are familiar with the code.

We also badly need Norwegian reviewers! If you’re fluent in Norwegian and feel like helping out, PM me here or on Transifex and I’ll add you to the team! :slight_smile:

I vote 4 u. I don’t have the time to do a lot of translating (I think I’ll start with the translation to Python xD). Your PR on custom events seems quite solid :wink:

I agree with this thing of the Super-Technical words that are very difficult to translate properly due to a lack of a context, that someone else said a few replies above.

In my case, for example, I don’t know java, php or mysql although I do know css and html but there are this words that should come with some type of description so we can understand what’s going on and translate it correctly, especially for concepts or expressions.

Yup. Out of context translation is very difficult.
If we had the translated docs available and could edit it properly, checking the common thread (hope this was the correct translation for german: “roter faden”) of the pages would be easier.
Fully automated build of the translated and reviewed Transifex pages would be very helpful too (if its possible to configure transifex or readthedocs this way?!).

I know the current priority of the Devs is the implementation but don’t forget the docs :wink: