Sponge Documentation: One-Stop Shoppe

Greetings. I bring good tidings: The Sponge Documentation (SpongeDocs) is now available.


Once a Wiki, it was eaten by Gollum and then consumed by Sphinx, temporarily hosted on Read-the-Docs.
Now changes to SpongeDocs are updated from our GitHub repository.
Anyone can request an edit by submitting a Pull Request (PR) on GitHub.
Many thanks to @gratimax for his herculean efforts to make this magnificent system work.

At present, SpongeDocs is far from finished, but neither is Sponge.

NOTE: There is now a SpongeDocs sub-forum to keep it all in one place.


You may be able to help - check out the pages, read the issues on GitHub, and see for yourself. There is quite a bit yet to be done, by those who have the ability. Many pages need to be written by developers who understand the new API. Anything that can help, from a brain-dump, a conversation on IRC, or a highly polished document with flowcharts and diagrams - whatever you can provide, docs staff will be happy to assist in getting the stuff we need onto our pages.

If you are interested in providing a translation of SpongeDocs, using CrowdIn is our preferred method. It’s free for FOSS projects (such as Sponge).

So, this is both an announcement, a call-to-action, and a repository for questions about SpongeDocs and the contribution process. Please try to be constructive where possible, and bring it on!

  • Regards, Inscrutable, SpongeDocs Chief Editor-Overlord and Bard

PS: Many many thanks to those who have already contributed, and to the original Wiki team who had to endure sudden transformations of the entire docs.


First !

Actually reading the Sponge Doc this is an awesome work ! Thanks Inscrutable !

I will more than likely start helping you with the Granite docs after the new year


Absolutely beautiful. Good choice of display software.

Lol I was reading it before it came out


I love the docs :smile: very very nice.

But the Sponge logo still doesn’t have a Santa hat :frowning:

Can someone explain me, how is it possible to make a localization / translation there?

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This matter is presently being hotly debated, thank you for bringing it up. It’s now issue #34 on the SpongeDocs Git repo, and it’s complicated.

The “Quick start” page, of the “Sponge documentation”, explains how to do new installation of a dedicated server.

It says “Download the Sponge server installer.”

When I click the link, it brings me back to the Sponge main page and I don’t see any “Sponge server installer” download link anywhere.

I guess I need to click on the “Fork on github” link from there.

But once there, I still don’t know how to find that “Sponge server installer” download link.

Can someone, please, explain where exactly we should find it, and the exact file name we need to download?

Thank you

Currently sponge has no implantation and at this point in time, non-downloadable.

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[quote=“MIP_IT_Department, post:11, topic:5296”]
“Download the Sponge server installer.”
[/quote] is a placeholder put there by one of the other Docs staff.
The plan is to host downloads of Sponge and an Installer package from the main page at spongepowered.org, when they are available.

At present, they aren’t available. Sponge isn’t ready yet.
We apologise for the inconvenience.

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I’m french and I can translate the documentation in French. Do you want my help?
PS: Sorry, my English is too bad :confused:
[email protected]

Best way to help would be on transifex.

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Ok I started to translate some parts.

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I’d like to contribute to a Norwegian translation! I’ve requested one on Transifex, am awaiting its creation so I can start working on it! I’m going to my cabin for the weekend, with not much else to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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It looks great! I already love this place :+1: . But I have a big screen and more than 60% of my screen is grey because the Docs are so tiny (I mean the layout). Can this be enlarged?

How it looks for me /



Thanks a lot! Already started working on a Spanish translation. :wink:

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