State of Sponge XIII postponed to February 25th


:evergreen_tree: Break out the Holiday FLARD and commence the celebrations without us. :evergreen_tree:

Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, there will be insufficient personnel available this weekend for the construction and operation of that informative distraction and carnival of curiosity known as SoS. Hence,

State of Sponge XIII has been Postponed until January 2017 [TBA]

Spongie knows your sadness, and we’ll do our best to make it happen as soon as possible. A fresh date for SoS XIII will be announced when we can all agree on a convergent moment. Stay Tuned. :crystal_ball:

Finally, we invite users to reply here with questions they would like asked, topics discussed, and features they would like to see at our next SoS. Help us make it greater than ever!



I’m kind of happy it was postponed… I’m going to be busy on the original date and would be unable to watch it live. Now I actually have a chance. :wink:


Yeah as it turns out, people are just busy around holiday season. I think it’s best for everybody this way.


Have you guys decided on a date yet? It’s almost halfway through January already ;P.


I’m assuming it’ll be in February.


Unfortunately, that appears to be the case. No, there’s no fixed date for SOS 13 yet, and there hasn’t been much feedback from the other staff. A number of things are currently held up, including Ore…


No worries. I think the community can agree that it is definitely worth the wait.


Can’t wait to hear Sponge’s plan for 2017 :slight_smile:

Also looking forward to Ore!