State of Sponge XIV


State of Sponge XIV is over!


For newcomers to State of Sponge who do not know what it is (besides a fancy name), the Sponge Team and friends host a livestream every so often where we reflect on our journey as a community, divulge our master plans for the project (Mwahahaha), and hang out on our very own Sponge Community Server while answering any questions you can throw at us.

Important Links
Twitch Stream: (usually live with music a hour ahead of official start time)

Join the Sponge Server at:

Please ask any questions you have regarding any and all aspects of the Sponge Project, we welcome the opportunity to discuss important topics and inform the community. Please use any of the links above (Twitch, Twitter, Reddit and IRC) to tell us your question and with luck we can have a go at answering it for you!


I probably will be busy around the time its going on. And i dont have twitter or any other social media. So im going to ask here now.

The question:
During a earlier sos someone mentioned something along he lines of player only Entities. I know you have player only blocks

Player.changeBlockState(Vector3i, blockState)

Im wondering what the progress is with the Entity version. Not only that but player time and weather would also be nice

I watch all the sos’s on youtube so ill see you guys then




@Owen you misssed the discord link :frowning:


I will place my question here, like MoseMister, so it doesn’t get lost and it can be thought through beforehand:

What is the status on the official Ore client plugin? It would be so helpful to see it running on most servers to be able to reach to the admins and distribute updates of plugins easily and quickly.


Was a great State of Sponge. Thanks everyone for making it fun and informative as always.

You can watch it if you missed it here -

I’m assuming this will be uploaded to Youtube soon as well.


Thanks to everyone who attended for helping and being part of a successful and entertaining SOS, and the players who helped craft and test Stage #6.

The view to stage Left:

Some of the crowd.

Fun in the arena afterwards.




What a successful SoS 14! I hope the time between XIV and XV won’t be the same as the time between XIII and XIV!


Is there any way to watch SOS XIV atm?

The Twitch link is dead ( and I can’t find a mirror on YouTube :confused:

Has "State of Sponge XIV" been lost?

@gabizou @Mumfrey ^