Status Update - 18 October, 2014

Hello everyone,
Another week has passed, this time around we’d like to give you an overview of what’s been happening across the whole of the project.

Sponge Status

To continue on from last week’s update, the API is still scheduled for a release in November. LexManos has also announced that he is starting to update Forge to 1.8, as soon as this is done, we will be able to work on implementing Sponge. The Sponge team appreciate your patience during this time, rest assured that our developers are hard at work designing and building our API in order to accommodate for the boundless creativity and passion of the Minecraft community.

Forum Changes

As many of you have no doubt noticed, we have changed the default forum page from the “Latest” view to the “Category” view after much community consultation. We have also properly ordered the Categories, on the basis of importance and relevance so that we may provide a cleaner and more elegant landing page.

Rule Changes

We’ve recently made some changes to our rules and guidelines by adding the following statements:

  • Don’t advertise in any form on any Sponge system. This includes but is not limited to advertising your favorite server hosting company, the server you play on, some piece of software you use for fun, another game, or whatever. Some exceptions are made in Off-Topic sections and are solely at the discretion of moderation staff.
  • Do not attempt to make a sale or sell anything on Sponge websites or systems. This includes but is not limited to plugins (mods or any variation of the term), art assets, services, or any work to be provided. If it comes to our attention that a plugin hosted by Sponge is being used as a promotion as a for-sale “lite” version, we reserve the right to remove the plugin listing. What constitutes as a for-sale “lite” version will be decided at the discretion of Sponge Staff.
  • We aim to comply entirely with the Mojang EULA, to that end any plugins, services, posts and/or links suspected of violating the EULA may be removed at the discretion of the Sponge Staff or at the request of Mojang AB.

In short, do not advertise and do not engage in monetary transactions on any Sponge system. However, advertisements may be allowed in a limited form, though only if specifically allowed by Sponge Staff. Paid Plugins/Services are entirely forbidden, whether for the purchase of a plugin or a service cost for that plugin, “Freemium” Plugins/Services (Those with a free base level and paid enhanced level) are also banned from any Sponge-hosted system.

Donations are however still permitted, so long as the donation has no impact on the functionality of the Plugin or Service, suspected “Crippleware” will be removed. Furthermore, we will be engaging in complete compliance with the EULA, anything we suspect of violating the EULA can be removed by the Sponge Staff.

As always, we reserve the right to change our rules and guidelines at any point at our discretion. You can read the Rules & Guidelines HERE.


Now, we’ve been getting a lot of offers of donations from many people throughout the community, however we don’t feel ready to accept them before we actually have something available for you to use. Rather, the best way to help us out is to donate to LexManos of Forge, it is through his efforts that we will have a platform to build on. You can donate to him at his Patreon or PayPal, remember that helping him out is helping us out.
-Just don’t ping him if you in any way value your life. :wink:


Thanks for making “Categories” the home page. The forums are less confusing now.


Sounds awesome :smiley: can’t wait for Sponge…
The only bad thing is the creepy emojis.


Thanks for the update!
May I ask for permission to translate this(and the upcoming) Status Update threads to the MCBBS(which is the largest forum of minecraft in China.)
The original link will be entitled on the top of the thread and the author’s name will be noticed clearly

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Cool! Thanks for the update!

It’s good to hear what’s happening, and I can’t wait for spone to release!

You guys rock!

Good to see Sponge to be ready soon and I hope it would be stable.

Only thing that worries me is that will plugin be ported soon enough and will it compatible with other plugin that the developer abandoned. ( Some are still useful )

Take your time and don’t rush it, and it will be perfect!

Thank you for the information, Sponge will definitely become big :wink:

I agree, so much more clear and straightforward now! Keep up the great work!

Thanks you guys for doing what you’re doing i can’t whit tell it comes out! and to start porting some plugins. Hope all goes well for you guys.

I am hype for the release, this is yet to be my favorite API to use. :smiley:

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I wish there was a setting to change the default forum page for just myself. I guess it’s just an extra click to “Latest” though. Thanks for the hard work!

If you want to translate it, go ahead. However it is not an exclusive right, if anyone else wants to translate a page, they have the right to also.

As a fan of the “Latest” page, I share your feeling, I’m so used to just being able to see anything new whenever I click the logo, ah well. Though I do believe the Category view is probably better for the new arrivals, perhaps a little less confusing.


Keep up the good work guys… I’ll be waiting for the release.

A free plugin that handle server payment service is considered a paid plugin?
In other words, in a paid to play server (whitelist) can a sponge plugin be used to handle transactions?
Pay to play doesn’t violate the EULA since its a charge not for minecraft but for the hosting costs.

Just saying :smiley: it’s start to look good, having hope that sponge team can start to assemble the sponge and start some in-house testing eventually,

please keep the sponge as simple as possible, plugin can do the personalization people will want with all their command

~ meanwhile having players to come up with banners design for our server , and ideas for a new spawn

Yeah this is great! Can’t wait for the grand reveal in November! Thanks for all you guy’s work! :smiley:

It is a paid plugin if it has an associated service that has costs. E.g. An administration plugin that requires a subscription to access the full features will not be permitted. Also, a payment plugin that violates the EULA will not be permitted. If the plugin is neither of the aforementioned, it will likely be permitted.

Cool thanks for the Update! I can’t wait for Sponge I really wanted to use + make a server!!!