Status Update - BlockJam Edition

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Sponge team. With Minecon out of the way, we are now ready to get back to work on Sponge. To start it all off, we’ve held an internal meeting on the future of Sponge and how to proceed from here.

It’s now been over two weeks since MINECON 2015, and we’re still in shock about how amazing it all turned out. Like all plans, some parts didn’t go as we expected, but the weekend made up for it. From MINECON we’ve learnt that a lot of you are really looking forwards to the ability to run Forge mods natively alongside Sponge, and the Forge compatibility integrated into the API. We also had a chance to watch the Mojang panels, and also had a few chats with Mojang. It turns out that we will not need to modify our API majorly to support 1.9. All we need to do is add the new blocks, and a new interface for the inventory slot. These changes would be 100% backwards compatible with plugins made for Sponge for 1.8. We also spoke to a few mod developers, including the Pixelmon crew, who were very interested in adding Sponge integration into their mod. Finally from MINECON, an author approached us about potentially making a book on how to create plugins and mods using the Sponge API. He has previously released a book on how to make Forge mods.

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending BlockJam this weekend. More information about BlockJam can be obtained on their website, We will be hosting a Q&A Panel, that will also constitute part of State of Sponge V. The State of Sponge V will specifically start at the usual time of 9PM UTC on Saturday the 25th of July.

BlockJam is supporting the Child’s Play charity, and we encourage everyone to put in a small donation at the event to help out those in need.

Watch it here:

We have also had discussions that allow us to define our future after MINECON, such as what are our plans for future development. Firstly, we are setting a priority on the following 3 sections of the implementation:

Following our need to get the implementation done, we now require all API PRs to have an accompanying Implementation PR in order to be merged. This of course only applies when one is actually needed. As some people are not fully comfortable with modifying the server, but may be comfortable with writing an API, we welcome WIP PRs. If you come onto our dev channel, you’ll find many of our developers who would be happy to assist you in getting your PR completed. We do not want to discourage contributions, and will always be willing to assist our community in making the Sponge project better for everyone.

We’ve also heard a lot of feedback that some contributors are finding it hard to contribute to the implementation because of the 3 repo setup. We will be addressing this very soon. If you are interested (or already have) in working on the Sponge Project, be on the lookup for a dedicated post soon as to what this means. We are still ironing out the details.

There are a heap of skilled plugin developers using Sponge right now to write their plugins, but very few of them have contributed to the SpongeDocs. If you want to help out, and make @Inscrutable happy, the source of the documentations is available here.

That’s it for this week, everyone!

~ Me4502


Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys! I’m looking forward to the future of Sponge and am even more glad that I’ve made the switch. It’s (as in the project as a whole) reliable, transparent, robust, and has got a great backing! :heart_eyes:




We are very happy to have Sponge at BlockJam! They have been a great help planning the event as well.


Could it have been wuppy29 that ask you guys? Because he wrote a book about modding with forge.

We’re getting close!

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I missed SoS V due to crappy connection and sleep. Will there be a yt upload as always? :slight_smile:

The twitch vod is available temporarily But I would expect that the Youtube upload will appear soon.

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We ended up raising $5215 for charity through BlockJam, thanks for all those who donated to help out!


So when do you think sponge will have all the events implemented. Because there is a plugin I really want made and the owner of it said they weren’t porting it till everything is implemented.

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i also would like to know how close the devs are to releasing a “complete” sponge build?

Every time someone asks, we’re obliged by the Rules of Open Source Software to set the release date back another week. We keep trying to warn people, but… =/


With all due respect, I know your all working hard, but i could do without the condescension

I think i speak for alot of people when i say were all just really eager for an official release so that more plugin devs will jump on board

p.s. Note the part where i said “With all due Respect!”

I wasn’t trying to be condescending. :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe me, when we have a release date, it will be obvious. We understand that everyone is eager for a release, as you say, but the fact of the matter is we don’t have one. Any estimation of a release we give right now would be a Scientific Wild-Ass Guess.

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100% Hype Grim, much love and keep up the great work, and thanks a ton for everything soo far!

I’ll bump this one to ask fooooor:

SoS VI ? :smile:

Not this month sorry, more will be revealed in the next status update. (Should be out sometime within the next day of so.)