StreetLights - Automatic redstone lamps

#StreetLights[API v4]
##Doesn’t work anymore: Click here to see why

##Usage & Description

  • Place a redstone lamp
  • Click on appeared message [CLICK] to add as Light
  • Wait for night or rain to see it in action

##Nice to know

  • Added redstone lamps can be used with redstone when turned off, so you can even turn lamps on manually when it is day.


  • streelights.create

Download plugin

Thanks to @Chimera: Thread

WIP plugin, please report errors and unintended behavior
Suggestions are welcome!



Ah, wow! Thank you so much-I can’t wait to test this out. Now Sponge servers will look beautiful too c:

EDIT: I just tested it, and I’ve gotta say I’m blown away. I’m no where near considered a Dev, so the things Sponge Devs can do with their plugins has me very amazed! It works excellently, thank you so much!

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##v0.1.2 released


  • Fixed bugs


  1. Add worldedit support to change all redstone lamps in the region defined into automatic.
  2. To be able to make it an automatic redstone lamp use shift click.

@SuperMarioCraft_Gam Thanks for the suggestions. The problem for both suggestions is that the plugin can’t know if the lamp you clicked can be modified by you. I opened an issue for this(region api) but there seems to be no progress on that.

Edit: Ähh, I think the problem is only for 2.
Edit: I can’t find up to date information for the world edit api

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You can modify the idea to work. My thoughts are not perfect. I am no developer just a person who has ideas and wants to share them.

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I will close this project because in the newer versions of Minecraft I can’t prevent Minecraft setting an unpowered lit redstone lamp to an unlit redstone lamp.
You are welcome to try to get it to work. I don’t close this thread yet.

What’s preventing you from doing that? I’d be interested in looking into a way to fix it.

This is the method that should regulate which lit lamps should be updated (or not) to unlit lamps. I want to prevent those updates at a location where a lamp is registered in the database and when the world has lights turned on(which is at night). A task which is called every 10 seconds updates the world light status by checking if the world time is in a hard coded range.
I created debug messages(but not pushed to GitHub) directly after the event cancelling in the above linked method. I output the original and the final transaction state and observed that everything is ok.

For more comfortable testing: Set the time to night(you see the critical range in the same class) and place a redstone block/torch next to a registered lamp and remove the redstone again. This lit lamp should stay lit when the event cancelling would work.

If you have questions, ask! Thank you for your time :slight_smile: