Simple streetlight plugin that after entering a command, allows you to register redstone lamps as streetlights, that will automatically and wirelessly turn on at night, and off during the day.

Use a nightlight detector and a redstone lamp? under nighttime sensor

That would restrict the types of redstone lamps I could make, many of my current ones would be unusable with a daylight sensor. I used to use the Streetlights plugin on 1.7, but am upgrading to 1.8 and Sponge-was hoping for a replacement plugin.

All good, I was just suggesting it because not everyone is aware of the night time detector mode of the daylight sensor. It really makes streetlights a lot more compact compared to using daylight detectors.

Fair enough!
Yeah it’s a simple little plugin, but it sure made the cities look amazing, it also didn’t really need updating, pretty sure I was using a 1.6.? version on my 1.7.10 server. Simple. but awesome :slight_smile:

I would like to develop such a plugin but have too many other things to do.
Maybe in the future I will find some time for this project.

Well if you ever can, I’d be pretty excited-let me know if the chance ever arises!

Sorry for the too big delay, but here it is: StreetLights - Automatic redstone lamps :slight_smile: