Supporting Sponge with a Build Server?

I’d love to support sponge. I’ve got working build set up via jenkins – and tested the completed build which is working fine. I’d love to offer it up to sponge for building and testing. The server itself is operating on dual xeon hexa core with threading and 48g ram. It’s on a gigabit NIC with 50TB bandwidth allowance.

Didn’t know where to exactly put this topic. Close it, delete it or whatever you wish. Just wanted to offer something to the community since I don’t have the skills for modding but I have tons of servers, bandwidth, and a desire to help :smile:


Reverse Proxy dat, m8

Also, Sponge already has a build server for the API. They’ve purposely not made one for the implementation because, well… they don’t want to deal with the additional workload of telling the people who download such builds that it’s in a constant state of flux, things aren’t likely to work, and there’s no official support for such problems yet because everything is being worked on.


Not to imply that they’re lazy. Just that there’s no reason for them to deal with such problems that a build server would bring, because any issues brought to attention from these types of people are usually already known, and being tested by people who know what they’re doing.

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Moved to “Sponge Development”. Seems like a good fit.

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I am pretty sure sponge has an ci server somewhere. But its sadly enough not public ;-;.

I moved it to Sponge Discussion. :stuck_out_tongue: A CI, especially an unofficial one, isn’t really “development” towards Sponge.

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I just want to clarify that setting up a CI server for Sponge is badass and thoughtful of you.

I was just explaining why one hadn’t already been made public by Sponge. :smile:

Doesn’t Travis count as a CI?

Most people wouldn’t know how to reach it. But I hadn’t noticed Sponge had one (I thought only the API did). Interesting.

No problems, man. I understood your intent.

how will sponge work on single player

Just put it in your mods/coremods folder.

To sort of… expand on what @DotDash stated, you download the one that doesn’t have -release/-javadoc/-sources, you place it in your mods/ folder. Sponge is a core mod so you treat it like you do any forge mod when you’re running a forge server.

That will change with granite. I am kinda worried about this actually. I know granite is awesome and will probably get faster updates than the forge implementation. And I am sure that most of the people that come here totally don’t want to run forge if it even can. So the interest in having a forge mod is lower. To visualize the difference:

├── forge
│   ├── config
│   │   └── SomeSpongePlugin.conf
│   ├── mods
│   │   ├── sponge.jar
│   │   └── SomeSpongePlugin.jar
│   ├── minecraft_forge_server_1.8.jar
│   └── minecraft_server_1.8.jar
└── granite
    ├── config
    │   └── SomeSpongePlugin.conf
    ├── plugins
    │   └── SomeSpongePlugin.jar
    ├── granite.jar
    └── minecraft_server_1.8.jar

So tell me with what sponge setup do you feel most comfortable with ?

You misunderstand what Granite is.

“spongeplugin.jar” would not go in the ‘plugins’ folder. Granite is a direct implementation of the SpongeAPI.

|-- plugins
        |-- SomePlugin.jar

Granite is to SpongeAPI as CraftBukkit is to Bukkit.

I think spongeplugin is indeed a wrong name. I used it as a dummy plugin name. Let me fix that :smile:.

Exactly, thats why I am so afraid atm. I love sponge because it will finally have the support for forge that we are missing since the release of bukkit. I know mcpc/cauldron dit a very good job, but it wasn’t really native support. Even a plugin on that had only mcpc/cauldron support got denied instantly. It had to run on craftbukkit, end of discussion… .

You can also remove minecraft_server_1.8.jar. No code from Minecraft is used in Granite.

Why are you afraid of Granite not having Forge? The entire point of Granite is to be an entirely vanilla implementation of SpongeAPI, with no additives. You would be able to interface with Granite in a very similar way to how you worked with NMS, in the past.

No. Look at the source. Granite is as mutch a wrapper like forge is. The moment you run granite. Granite will load the classes from minecraft it his classpath, modify them with mixins and run the server.

It also seems that it will download the jar.

I understand that granite doesn’t need to have forge. I am afraid that the current sponge implementation will become something like ForgeBukkit came. The whole reason people are coming here is because “craftbukkit” is gone. They don’t want a forge mod, they want the same structure like craftbukkit. The demand for having a granite sponge server is just mutch higher than the forge sponge server. So for the sponge team it will probably be more obvious, to make sure granite updates first.

See it like this. Minecraft updates to 2.0. What do you think will happen? The SpongeCoreMod can’t be updated because their is no forge and their is even no reason for it to update it. Their aren’t even mods for 2.0. But the moment mcp releases the new mappings, granite can be updates relatively easy. Just fix the mixins and add the new mappings and bam it runs again. And if than 2 months later forge comes with a 2.0 version who would even care for the coremod ?


This thread is about an offer to support Sponge with a buildserver. Let’s stay on topic.

@kingalphamc, if you have a question, please find an appropriate place to ask it or create a new thread, don’t just post it under some random thread.

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I didn’t think about how he worded his question. I presume sponge is server-side only. Not single player / client-side.

well, actually though nothing is set in stone about extra stuff for client side, you can run the sponge plugin in single player, since that’s just an internal server.