TL;DR on the purpose of Sponge & a few questions

I was pretty drawn into Bukkit back in the day, left the MC community for about a year or two.
I read up a bit what the hell had happened and it was rather depressing that MC had fallen this much.

I discovered the Sponge Project after digging around a bit and I have a few questions if anyone would so kindly answer.

  1. What is the purpose of Sponge? Will it be a Bukkit replacement or?

  2. Since sk89q is the project Co-lead, will plugins such as WorldEdit, CraftBook, and his other amazing plugins back in the Bukkit days get ported to Sponge?

  3. Are there any other projects that share the same goal as Sponge?

Thanks for your time, and I wish you guys the best in your endeavour.

First of all, I just want to say that you could have found these answers with a little searching around. Discourse has an awesome search function. :smile:

I guess that depends on your definition of “replacement”. Yes, the Sponge Project was formed directly after Bukkit’s real death (discarding the fact that it’s still around). However, it’s not a direct replacement, and is a much better improvement upon the old formula, as it were.

Most of these are already in the process of being formed. There is a link in this thread which leads to a Google Doc that lists all of the plugins to be ported.

Any other API for developing Minecraft plugins would share the goals, I suspect. I’d like to say that Sponge is the best one. :slight_smile: But that’s just my opinion.

Whoops, sorry for not using the search function but thanks for the rather quick reply!

I see Bukkit’s death as an end to an era, years of ingenuity went into that, now dead, project.

I look forward to a client release of Sponge, good luck!


To add on this, sk89q’s post in that thread: