TranslateWithBing[1.2.0] [API 4.1]

This is a chat translation service that ties into Microsoft Azure Data Translation Service, aka Bing Translate.


  • /language <PlayerOrSource> <Language> - Sets a language for a user, overrides default minecraft locale for translator.
  • /reloadtranslate - reloads the configuration file.


  • translate.command.languageoverride - Permission to use the /language command, defaults to true for User role.
  • translate.command.reload - Permission to use /reloadtranslate command. defaults to true for Admin role.

Lets you disable the warning sent to users that translations may not be 100% accurate.

SendWarningOnJoin = true

In order to use it just copy it to the mods directory on your Sponge server, and sign up for an API key. (Free tier is 2Million characters a month).

On first run it will generate a config file, which must be filled out with the ClientID and ClientSecret you obtained from Microsofts Data Azure Marketplace.


#Get your Client ID and Client Secret by signing up for Microsofts Translator Service, Free tier = 2M characters a month.
ClientID = "MySpongeyServer"
ClientSecret = "IDQy/Ud4iX7YtRuifXBzh+osnUwsLLk/2KvmQljX21Y="

API Key:





New config option: SendWarningOnJoin = true
Added Sponge reload command support.
Updated for SpongeAPI 4.1.0
Now built for sponge 4.x
Added a command to reload the config, now tells user the error if an error occurred while setting their language.
Fixed an issue where TranslateWithBing was ignoring the players override language setting with the command.
Updated minor version, no features added, but it now no longer needs the libraries it uses on the classpath as it includes them for you in the jar.


@Inscrutable Should work now if you want to test it again.

Tested version 1.0.2 of TranslateWithBing on a LAN server with SpongeForge 1096, after setting up the free Azure Data service, and it worked fine for clients with mismatched language settings. Version 1.0.3 is now running on SpongeVanilla on the community server ( if anyone wants to test it out.

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seems to be working fine except for the fact that it spams that translations may not be accurate for everyone that joins, could we have a config option for it?

It should only spam it when someone with a different language then the rest of the server joins. But sure I can add a toggle.

Sorry if anyone was waiting on an update, I had updated it locally but didn’t realize I hadn’t published the changes.

Give it a go and report any bugs.

TranslateWithBing 1.2.0 for SpongeAPI 4.1.0 Released
Added the config option.

SendWarningOnJoin = true

Lets you disable the warning that translations may not be 100% accurate.

Updated to SpongeAPI 4.1.0

Added support for Sponges plugin reloading commands.