Treepers (v5.1.3)


Tired of cleaning up the result of a Creeper meeting an unalert player? Want to save your precioussSSsssSssSS things? But still want to make encountering these creatures remarkable?

Treepers not only stops the destructive behaviour of a Creeper’s explosion, but grows a tree to remember him!

Treeper animation

The type of tree grown is determined by the current biome.

Github: Knechtcraft/treepers-sponge

Sponge API Version: 4.2.0 and 5.0.0


##Thanks <3
to tacticalsk8er for fixing a problem with coordinates and including glorious config options!


I find this amazingly adorable!

I have one suggestion: Is there any way you can change the particles to be little hearts instead of the standard explosion circles/crescents?


Hahaha this great!

Haha, I’ll definitely have a look into this! :smiley:

It’s my first Minecraft plugin ever, so I cannot promise anything.

Bit of an issue I am having here. Downloaded this as a prank for the people on our server. we normally turn off creeper destruction so this was a great idea to fill that void. However when the creepers explode I do not get any Tree Generation. I know the plugin is on because the destruction has been turned off but No tree is produced. This unfortunately makes the point of the plugin Null in this case.

Here is a copy of the Error we get every time a creeper explodes.

It looks like you’re running an API 5 (Minecraft 1.10) server. This plugin is currently only compatible with API 4 (Minecraft 1.8.9), so you won’t be able to run it with your current server.

Fair enough. Any chance for an update to this?

would also like to use this on my 1.10.2 server

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Any Kind of update coming or a timeline of when we might see one? I would much rather use your plugin then resort to our Plugin Dev making a temporary one.

Your plugin developer could just fork the repo and update it. He also could then open a pull request to enable other people to use this plugin.

He doesn’t like altering other peoples work. That being said he made an exception to simply update for the new API and it did not fix the problem. Same thing still happens. Shame, was looking forward to watching peoples reactions to this. lol

After setting the api version needed in the build.gradle, there should be compiler errors, which must be fixed. How did he “simply update”?

Just fixed the compiler errors. What I have so far is that whenever the populator creates a tree the server knows about however the block changes are not sent to the player. When I relog into the server the changes are sent then. Still investigating the issue thought I would post my findings so far.

Lol don’t ask me mate I’m not a plugin Dev. No sass needed. lol It works now though thanks. the issue is with Sponge. The trees just don’t show up until you relog. same thing happening with ForrestGen on World Edit.

Hey all!
Sorry for not looking into Sponge Forums for this long time. I was busy with some other non-MC projects. Even missed my 2nd place reward on the plugin competition, argh :anguished:

I’m going to have a look on migrating Treepers to the current API version. Hopefully in the next week! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the interest in this plugin btw! :blush:


Sorry for my bad English.

Please make a version for the API 4 and API 5. I think that many, including myself, are waiting for the updates many of the plugins to API 5, to update the server to version to 1.10. Meanwhile, using the version of 1.8.

I would like:

  1. The tree only appears on the block: minecraft:grass, minecraft:dirt, minecraft:dirt:2?
  2. The distance to the other blocks, set in the config.
  3. To be able to specify arbitrary block or object, and not just the tree.

Hey all!
I migrated the basic functions of Treepers to API 5.0.0 so that it is usable under Server Version 1.10.2!

You can download it here.

Please note that it’s still kind of a test build. It basically works, but I experienced some delays after the creeper explodes. I’ll have a look into this and some other things (including change requests and ideas) in the upcoming weeks. :slight_smile:

If you experience any problems, let me know!

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Is this a problem?