🚩 MagiBridge - A new Discord <-> Minecraft chat forwarder plugin!

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MagiBridge is a new Sponge plugin that allows chat coming from Discord be sent to Minecraft or vice versa, trough supported chat plugins. The main goal of MagiBridge is it’s integration with other plugins: I plan in making it compatible with the most popular chat plugins fro Sponge actually.

Note: You need UltimateChat as dependency for this plugin work, it’s the only chat hook implemented at the moment.

There are a few things that you need to do in order to start using MagiBridge. First, you will need a bot token, which you get by creating a bot (if you don’t have one yet), take a look at this quick tutorial: Creating a discord bot & getting a token · reactiflux/discord-irc Wiki · GitHub

Once you got your bot token, open the MagiBridge config (located in your plugin or config dir/magibridge/magibridge.conf. It will look like this:

bot {
  # Bot Token of the Bot User that you want to be used when sending messages to Discord
channel {
  ids {
    # Format: ChannelID=IngameChannelName
    # Example:
    # 12345678912345=global
    # Replace the default value with your own


  # ID of the main Discord Channel, where start/stop messages will be sent to
messages {
  # Format of the messsage sent from Discord to the server. Supports %user% and %msg%. Example:
  # discord-to-server-global-format="&a&l [G] &f&l%user%: &7%msg%"
  discord-to-server-global-format="&7[&b&lDiscord&7] &f%user%&7: &7%msg%"

  # Message that will be sent to the discord-main-channel when the server starts
  server-starting-message="**The server is starting!**"

  # Message that will be sent to the discord-main-channel when the server stops
  server-stopping-message="**The server is stopping!**"

The config is pretty self-explanatory: paste the bot token in it’s field, and the channels you want to forward in the ids list. They follow the DISCORD_CHANNEL_ID=CHAT_CHANNEL_NAME rule, replacing DISCORD_CHANNEL_ID to the ID of the discord channel which you can get by right clicking the channel and clicking in Copy channel ID. Replace MAIN_CHANNEL_ID_HERE with the Discord channel ID of the channel that the plugin should send start/stop messages, and then the format of the message that will be sent to the game.

If you have any problems using my plugin, or have any suggestion, please open a issue here and I will try to fix asap.

Downloads: Github Releases page | Ore Releases tab
Source: Github

I know I’m not a good coder at all, and that’s my first plugin: it won’t look like those complex and well-coded plugins around, but I will try to keep the code clean and readable ^-^


Do you have any other plugins you have in mind that you plan to support at this time? Perhaps Nucleus’ chat implementation? Thank you for developing this for the community!

Yes, Nucleus support is planned. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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What makes your plugin different from 💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord) ?

My plugin won’t create any chat channels, it will only forward already created channels from the supported chat plugins. That way you can use the chat plugin you want (from the supported chat channels) and let them handle the chat.

The main goal of this plugin, differently than DiscordBridge, is to provide a way to link any chat channel to discord, not only 3.

You may have misread what the plugin already does. It links to an already created channel and relays all MC server messages to that channel and vice verse.

I think you got it wrong. DiscordBridge handles ONLY the vanilla sponge chat, and the ONLY staff channel supported is the Nucleus one (you can see it here) . My plugin actually has the benefit of forwarding both UltimateChat global and staff channel, differently from DiscordBridge, that would send both global/staff/local chat to the same discord channel.

It would be nice if there was a way to just forward whatever channel you wanted, but hey.

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MagiShat build coming! :smile:

Maybe everyone else is too kind to point it out, but I’m not.

The name just doesn’t fly.

Yes i know it’s not technically bad and yes I know my mind is down in the deepest sewers, but it really resembles one other two word phrase that would not be appropriate on the forums.

Also the name doesn’t roll off the tongue if you say it verbatim.

In MY opinion you could have picked a much better name, but what do i know about naming things? I just prepend the word “Fox” to the word that best describes the project.


DiscordBridge plugin sended messages from CustomNPC to Discord. Is there too?
I can’t test it, sorry. I use Nucleus, have not UltimateChat.

I’ve been thinking the same thing since he posted the plugin.


Hmm, I know what you mean xD I think I I’m gonna change the name of the plugin…

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Everything works but I get this error spammed every time someone speaks:

Try using this build and let me know if it works.

does this mod support Multi server chat,

so say 3 server chats all joined

It supports chat plugins, I think UltimateChat has inter-server chat, if it does then MagiBridge supports.

Getting this error: [10:41:27] [Server thread/ERROR] [Sponge]: Could not pass MessageChannelEvent$Ch - Pastebin.com

Update LuckPerms.