🏆 AdventureMMO [v2.0.7] [API 4/5/6]


@Viperaptor It depends on what version of sponge you are running. If you are running API5, then you need the jar file for API5.


Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile: I think I am running Sponge 5 so I will give that a shot. Thanks again!!!


This app is killer!! Working great and love it. One question remains for me... Is it possible to add FTB tools to the config? I was looking through and found the tools section. I added the following line:


Obviously there is a plethora of tools in feed the beast but I am just starting with one. If I can figure one out I should be able to do the rest. Again, I am new at this so sorry if this is a dumb question. Is it possible to add tools from other mods? Is there a special place to get the names that I need to add?

Thanks again for your help!


You probably need to prefix it with the mod id, not minecraft (which is specific to Minecraft's native items, blocks and tools).
e.g. (if there were such a thing): "nuclearpowertools:obsidian_pickaxe"


@Inscrutable is right. You can see the full id's of items ingame by pressing f3-h and then hovering over the item.

EDIT: Ill probably add a command to add items and blocks ingame soon.


This would be AWESOME!!!! I love in game commands. its when I have to get in and mess with the config files that starts making me nervous.

Thanks for your responses guys. I will give these things a shot and see if I can get it to work.


I just released a new version, v2.0.7. :slight_smile:

@Viperaptor They include the commands i was talking about.

* Player Database refractor
* New admin commands (/mmoadmin setitem/setblock/clearitem/clearblock)
* Fixed errors when mods create fake players
* Fixed Super Tool item durability
* Fixed axes/swords/unarmed receiving exp wrong sometimes


You are the man Daniel! I was able to use the F3+H thing yesterday to get it to work. spent about 2 hours going through my 110 pages of blocks and adding them to the config but it works like a champ! SUCH an awesome app. Excited to try it out with the new in-game commands.

@Mr_Daniel12321, can I just override the json file or will I need to back up my config and everything? I want to be careful I don't lose all the work I did yesterday lol.

Thanks again for building such an awesome plugin and updating it so quickly :slight_smile:


You can just override it, it wont change anything.


Still, back it up :slight_smile:
To a separate file on your system you can copy to create variants to edit, to a private google doc, and to an external storage system.

It's good practice to keep copies of things that you've spent a lot of time on or that are integral - with their being on separate hard / cloud storage systems being important :slight_smile:


Could you add the ability to use blocks from Biomes O' Plenty e.g biomesoplenty:log_0 etc ?
I tried it but it still doesn't work.


It should work, can you send that piece of your config file? Also did you use the commands or manual configuration?
If you tried to do it manually, try the command first, cause that always works.


This would be awesome


I added it manually. It doesn't show a "invalid block id" message in the server cmd so I guessed it would work but it don't.


I tried to add it with the command, butafter doing it and getting a green confirmation text it still doesn't work. I tried to reload the plugin with /mmoadmin reload but this didn't helped.




Hey, awesome plugin from what I've played with so far..

Just a couple of enquiries;

  1. Is it possible to limit what the players can and can't interact with depending on their level?
    e.g. at level x mining the player can mine x block/ore

  2. Is it possible to make the /skill or, for example the /woodcutting command, persistent so after x seconds it doesn't fade away?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I dont think #1 is possible, its not in the plugin anyways. #2 is possible with /settings.


Lergin manages it in Laborus, just as a heads-up :slight_smile:


Sorry, I forgot to update my post.

I took a look at the GitHub repository and found the /settings command, but from what I can find it just sends me the settings info and can only be called client side, it doesn't provide a set method. I'm either completely oblivious or just incompetent.

Will #1 be easy to implement? On the MiningListener Have a check that compares the Players current_level with a level_req attached to the BlockData taken from the config

It may not be possible to be honest, I'm like level 1 at Sponge, still learning the ropes!


It is certainly possible, but im not sure if i want to add it. More features means more server usage and im not sure if its worth it. If more people ask for it, ill implement it. Also, the /settings command send clickable texts. Click them to toggle them.