Trying to find equivalent plugins in Sponge

Hello everyone! I’ve recently been thinking of upgrading my server to Sponge. I’d really love it if anyone knowledgeable could give me suggestions for equivalent plugins!

Here are the ones I’m most concerned about:

Essentials (CmdEssentials, Nucleus, etc? There’s too many “essentials” knockoffs to keep straight)
CoreProtect (Cant’t find anything like it as of yet on Sponge)
WorldEdit/WorldGuard (If I’m not mistaken, the forge version(s) should work?)
LWC (Hidendra appears to be busy, alternatives?)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nucleus is the sucessor to EssentialCmds. I believe that @HassanS6000 will eventually stop maintaining EssentialCmds in favor of Nucles (someone correct me if I’m wrong).


You might be interested in FoxGuard


You can enable in global.conf logging of things like block breaking.

Coreprotect is very similar to Inspector, another plugin by Hassan.

LWC also has a successor, Keys. Though I am unsure if it works in the latest version of SpongeForge.

WorldEdit’s forge version for 1.8.9 works like a charm with Sponge, as Forge plugins can coexist with Sponge ones.

As for EssentialsCmds, it is still being maintained to the latest, if you still want to use it.

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Essentials - Nucleus is my favorite

WorldEdit/WorldGuard - Use forge version

LWC - Keys

Assuming you’re looking for CoreProtect to protect player structures there are several options (Nations, FoxGuard, etc). If you absolutely need the logging/rollback I don’t think there’s any good Sponge plugins for that right now.

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Thank you everyone who has helped thus far. You know who you are. I really appreciate it! :smiley:

I’ll try most of the plugins suggested, as they look very promising. Also very happy to hear WorldEdit will work right off the bat.

Yes, I’m looking for a logging/rollback plugin.

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Not sure if it’s up to date anymore but for rollback

Yep, suggested that too. And I can confirm, it is working fine for me.



Used to use that plugin on my Bukkit server back in the days. Can recommend that one a 100%.
Provides extremely enhanced logging and rollbacking.


Forge essentials is essentials for forge with WorldEdit, World Guard, and all the modules of regular Bukkit essentials!