UniverseGuard - A WorldGuard Solution for Sponge


Someone using console to create and manage regions :slight_smile:
Like a flag -p [XX,YY,ZZ].

But I am mostly waiting for API 6 and dev API !


mhh, right, will think about it :wink:


I am trying to use Noppes' CustomNPCs. However, every time the starts back up, none of the NPC entities are allowed to spawn in when their chunk loads up. I already contacted the mod author's discord channel and was pointed out that this issue is probably caused by UniverseGuard not allowing entity spawning during the loading of chunks.

I need those NPCs to be allowed to spawn when the world is loaded. Can you help please?

Cross-link: https://github.com/JimiIT92/UniverseGuard/issues/3


What does the '/rg' command belong to?


It summons the region tool


I will take a look on it this evening


Which mod the the '/rg' command belong to?


no mod, the command belows to this plugin, I mean UniverseGuard


Hello, when will you release the new UniverseGuard for 1.11.2 ? thanks.


Basically when the version we are currently working on (1.10.2) is stable. When that will happen (and i believe it will be very soon) i guess there will be no problems porting the plugin to another version of MC


Yes, Exactly :wink:


Released new plugin Version, let me know if you find any bug or issue :wink:
Download Here


Bug experience drop in spongeforge-1.10.2-api5.2.0-2344
I open server for pixelmon mod.

[19:44:18] [Server thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: [com.universeguard.events.flags.EventExperienceDrop:onExperienceDrop:17]: LocatableBlockSpawnCause{SpawnType=SpongeSpawnType{id=BlockSpawning, name=BlockSpawning}, LocatableBlock=SpongeLocatableBlock{blockState=pixelmon:pixelmon_spawner, position=(-322, 62, 286), worldId=0aedbe9b-3f8b-4907-a778-484ec4f054a4, worldReference=java.lang.ref.WeakReference@12069fcf}}


mhh, will look into it today


Are you on discord? If so, please identify. Also, do you have a wiki?
The one on GitHub doesn't seem to work.

Thank you!


Atm I haven't a wiki, maybe I will provide somethink like that in future, idk, I f you want all infos about this plugins are in this page(I mena at the top of it).
I haven't discord, but a ts3 server.


I really suggest that you get setup on Discord for your followers. Also, I think a wiki could be started by anyone. No?


It's just a debug print that i forgot to remove in the exported jar, don't worry about it, will be removed as soon as i can (unfortunately my main pc where i develop the plugin is in assistance :confused: )


Yes, the Wiki is absolutely one thing to do. Me or outside64 (who's helping me developing this plugin) will write it as soon as one of us can (for me i'm afraid but my main pc is in assistance right now so i'm basically stucked until is repaired :confused: )


This plugin removes all the ships from the mod "Valkryien Warfare" :frowning: