UniverseGuard - A WorldGuard Solution for Sponge


Thanks for the report, will look into it as soon as possible


Released new plugin Version, let me know if you find any bug or issue :wink:
Download Here


Quick question, which flag enables/disables lava damage? The mobdamage flag?


It's the "firedamage" flag :wink:


Alright I see! Is it possible the flaghelp command doesn't show all flags available then? Maybe I missed that one when I looked but I looked over it a couple times :stuck_out_tongue:


Woops. Was so concerned about fixing stuff that i totally forgot to add the new flags description into the flaghelp command, will be added in the next version, thank you for pointed that out :wink:


Hey outside!

My console keeps being spammed by this, and one of my users keeps crashing due to it, I believe. Would you know what is the problem? Thanks.



Mhhh, I don't know, wait for the answer from Francesco_Jimi, he will know this for sure :wink:


Are you using Sponge for 1.11.2? If so then the problem is that at the moment UniverseGuard is only available for MC-1.10.2


Oh i see! Thank you! Ive been using sponge 1.11.2 and UniverseGuard this entire time hahahaha xD

This seems to be the only problem with the plugin actually. Everything still functions properly, so I dont know what that means to you, but I guess that means its a pretty big step to being a release of 1.11.2 already? xD

Anyways, would you know what this is exactly? And what it limits? Because as said before, the plugin seems to work just fine for 1.11.2 except for this error message. Thanks :slight_smile:


Where can I find the region files for my world? I've checked in plugins/config/universeguard/regions/, but that folder is empty.


It's weird, all regions are stored into the regions folder as a json file, have you tried to remove the universeguard folder and restart you server?
It could be that the last version corrupt some files


Greetings, do not tell me what permissions exist in this plugin? In the description of the plugin, I did not find it :frowning: Thank you for the answer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe has been made some small changes to how block events works (since is related to that). By the way i also think it's time to upgrade to 1.11 and 1.12 when will comes out since latest test seems goods


There are 2 permissions that can be edited in the config file. One will grant full access to all the commands and the regions (so it will be used, for instance, by op players such as server founders and admins), the other is to only grant access to regions but not the commands (so it will likely be used by mods or helper). By default these permissions are, in order, staff and bypass but as i said they can be changed in the config file to match any permission that you set with any permission plugin (i recommend using this plugin with permissionEx since all permissions test has been made with that plugin, but i think there should be no problems with other permission plugins too)


please update to 1.12 :smiley: that for sponge api 7.0.0


Sure will be updated but not right now, i'd like to wait to see if it's stable since Sponge for 1.12 has just came out so it could be bugged


Sorry for that stupid question but is there a way to protect the world that no one except the admins can mine in the world. I've found the flag ''build'' but this prevents just building any stupid stuff on the server. I need something that stops completely mining anything in the world for normal Players. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Build flag is to prevent placing AND breaking blocks, so setting that to true will prevent players from mining blocks


The strange thing is that some parts of the global world are protected but some not. In this parts you can't place a block but you can break one. Does anybody got a idea why this is so confusing and faulty ?