UniverseGuard - A WorldGuard Solution for Sponge

This is a plugin created for all that people who want to setup a minecraft server with easy protection regions like “WorldGuard” for Spigot/Bukkit.
This plugin runs with simple commands, all the flags are the same, or similiar, as the worldguard plugin for Spigot/Bukkit.
This plugin was tested with 1.10.2 ; 1.11.2 and 1.12 minecraft version with sponge API 5 ; 6 and 7.

Download the new UniverseGuard 2 plugin HERE


  • use /region to call the selector item
  • use /region name “region name” to give a name to the region
  • use /region add “owner name” to add an owner
  • use /region command “command name” true/false to deny or allow a command in the region
  • use /region flag “flagname” true/false to add new flag
  • use /region gamemode “creative/survival/adventure/not_set” to set gamemode of region
  • use /region flaghelp to see the flag list
  • use /region globallist to see the global flag list
  • use /region global “flag name” true/false to change the global flags
  • use /region priority “number” to set the region priority
  • use /region save to save the region
  • use /region edit “region name” to edit the region
  • use /region delete “region name” to delete a region
  • use /region list to see the region list
  • use /region teleport “region name” to teleport your self to the region
  • use /region info “region name” to see informations about the region
  • use /region help for command list

For each changes, like priority, gamemode, add, or other commands you must previously execute the “/region edit” command, followed, at the end, from the “/region save” command.

How to use:

  1. With the selector item click at two points with the left and the right click
  2. Give a name to the region with /region name
  3. Add flags or what ever you want
  4. Save the region with /region save
  5. To re-define the region type /region edit take the selector item and select two new points and type /region save

Permissions List:

  • There are 2 permission for this plugin, one for use the mod commands and the other to bypass the region flags, both can be choosen in the config file (default: Staff).
    Example: You can change it to: test.use.region

Tested Permission Plugins:

  • PermissionEx

To Do:

  • add new flags
  • bug fixes
  • and more

If you’re searching a good plugin for your server that includes world managment, custom tab, server list, a lot of essential commands and a lot more, please visit the page of this fantastic plugin: Ore Page: PLUGIN - Forum Page: PLUGIN

Plugin developed by Jimi HitcUniverse Dev (He’s Youtube Channel)


I wish you good luck with your plugin and I am excited to see more protection plugins, especially one with a simpler style, but I recommend you check out this page of the documentation.

Especially this piece:

Please don’t include Sponge in your plugin name. We reserve the use of Sponge for official SpongePowered works. There are two exceptions: You may append “for Sponge” to the title if your plugin also has versions for other APIs, and you may use Sponge in the title if your plugin primarily concerns the Minecraft block “Sponge”.


Thanks for the advise, I will change the name


Finaly I released the sponge version of this plugin!


Add new feature delete region. Please add permission all command because player not admin or staff can use region command for edit region.

Please fix bug region global. I need specifically of region global in world because i have two or many world. please rebuild region global system.

Example : world name is world for mainspawn of region global flag build false. world name is finditem of region global flag build true.

I need specifically region global in another world.

The feature is already present, I forget to add it to the command list, type /region delete name to delete the region

I will do it, thanks for the report and the advise

You are a god. I have been looking for something like worldguard.

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List of flags?
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BokiP22, - use /region flaghelp to see the flag list

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Exactly, I wish to say to you that there are know bugs atm, like item fram item can be dropped out from a arrow or snowball/egg; enderpearl flag does not work corretly; drown flag does not work a few other bugs, I will fix it as soon I will have a bit of time, so don’t worry if something does not work, post is easy here and I will fix it as soon as possible

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Sei italiano?
Se sì questo plugin ha molta potenzialità se risolvi alcuni dei bug e aggiungi flag, potrebbe diventare un nuovo WorldGuard :open_mouth:

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(Drown flag works without problems)
You can add a flag that gives you immortality/god, can be a good idea

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Si, cmq, sono italiano ma scriverò cmq in inglese per far si che più o meno tutti siano in grado di capire, cmq, ai bug ci sto già lavorando e alle flag nuove pure, per ciò che riguarda l’immortalità, è già utilizzabile al momento, ti basta combinare 3/4 flag, tipo danno da caduta, pvp e mob-damage, nel caso sarà cmq aggiunta anche una flag complessiva se serve.

Scriverò anchio in inglese, o almeno ci provo…
The plugin is with a good foundation, but you need to fix some bugs, one of this is when i create a new region and disable “build” flag, i can always build/destroy the blocks inside, also if i try with another player…
I also need to disable lava damage/cactus and more, then a complex flag like “invincible” is a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I will think about it, thanks for the report

Hello, I am having troubles with your plugin. I am running pixelmon along with it and it seems that pixelmon chatting NPCs disappear - along with item frames and other entities. I know for a fact that it is this plugin because when I take it off my server all the frames and NPCs return. Thank you for your time, if you can fix it or if you have suggestions that would be great!

I think it must be solved with the next update, thanks for the report

No problem, I can’t wait for the next update to be able to use this plugin on my server! I’ve been waiting for something like worldguard for a long time! Other plugins are far more complex than they need to be, but things like worldguard are way more user friendly! Thanks for taking on the task of putting this plugin together!

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