UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin


That error was not from console, it was from chat itself. I can see if perhaps it gives me more information via console though if you want.


It should have logged some stacktrace in the console, please see if you can get it.


I apologize, I tried downloading the log files back, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I am going to try to see if I can replicate the glitch again.


No problem. I'd be grateful if you can reproduce the error, so I'm sure it is fixed, as I don't have it when trying to /na delete a nation.



The /na delete error has also been reported on github in issue #37. I just fixed it now.

Thanks for reporting !


Will a new release be pushed out soon?


Very soon (this afternoon). The v1.0 for api 4.2.0 is ready (first official release) and I'm preparing the v2.0 for api 5.0.0 :wink:


Nations Release v1.0

Targets SpongeAPI v4.2.0


  • Added towny-like nation rank system (see #7)
  • Fixed bug in /na delete command
  • Added zones owned in citizen description (/n citizen command)
  • Added maxNationSpawns option in config
  • Made admin nation ignore minimum distance between territories
  • Fixed bug in deserializer
  • Fixed bug when selecting with golden axe


Nations Release v2.0

Targets SpongeAPI v5.0.0


  • Updated for SpongeAPI 5.0.0 (minecraft 1.10.2)


I have now officially released Nations for SpongeAPI 4.2.0 and 5.0.0. Until now, Nations was in a "pre-release" phase. It is now stable enough to have official stable releases !

  • 1.x versions will target SpongeAPI v4.x.x
  • 2.x versions will target SpongeAPI v5.x.x

:warning: If you are using v2.0 and you think you found a bug, don't hesitate to report it here or on github issues (github preferred) but be sure it comes from Nations and not Sponge or some other plugins !


Hey @Arckenver, I would like to include this plugin on my difficult-style server.

I would like for nation upkeep to use material resources though, such as iron, wood and food. Could that be doable? I am also willing to pay a cash commission for that addition for our server! :slight_smile: We're a bit nervous about using currency, and would really enjoy seeing a material economy be used instead.



The link to the permissions is linking to the commands page.


Siigari, the economy API in Sponge has been designed with "physical currencies" in mind.

So you could have it use iron / wood / food as currencies if the economy plugin you use supports it.


My bad, thanks for reporting !


Please put the plugin version in the forum topic so we can know at a glance what version it is on when updating.(workaround till they get the plugin repository online)


If you think it helps, here it is :wink:


I'm trying to claim the spawn on my server using this and I can figure out how to claim it all without making it so everyone has that amount of claims available to them as spawn is quite large and if everyone could eventually claim that large of space that Is going to cause problems for me.
currently I'm making it in the config that you can buy a large amount of extra claims as I cant figure out how to allocate extra claim blocks to a specific town using an admin command


Indeed, there is currently no command to give a nation a arbitrary number of extra blocks. I've opened an issue for that. I'll work on this as soon as possible.


so I'm having the problems of people trying to claim for their nation, and it says they are to close to a nation when there isn't one nearby, is the check seeing their own nation?


It depends on the value that is specified as minNationDistance. But for your problem, have you tried creating an admin nation ?