UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin


Is there anyway to get a Nation Prefix for chat formatting with Nucleus?


@EnderZ Right now, no, Nucleus has no way to interface with plugins. It's a shortcoming on my end, but I recognise this is a problem and I do plan to create an API that other plugins can hook into and add their own tokens into the chat formatting, I just haven't decided what the best way to do it is (yet).


Okay thank you, maybe there was a way to do it without using an API like other plugins (the other towny-like plugin) do. So it automatically puts it in before all the other tags and IGN


Thank you @Arckenver for this awesome plugin. Just coming back from the MC 1.7 days of hosting a Towny server. I'll be testing this plugin in the next few days on my server.

Is there any chance for taxes being added for nations? I think Towny called it upkeep... It'd be nice to keep nations active by requiring them to pay taxes every day/week else the nation will disband. Also, the ability for presidents to add rent fees for having land in their nation to citizens (to help them pay taxes for the nation in the future).


@Arckenver Are there any plans to continue updating this plugin? My server has just started using it, and it seems awesome! We were testing another one before this, and it didn't work too well with the modded mobs.

Some of my suggestions (we're in early use of it, so I may say something that is already there):
* Add the ability to have more than 1 town in each nation (like Towny)
* Nation/Town chat
* Finish the Config Guide on the wiki


so it seems like that after time nations automaticly just says "Too close to another nation" Some know solutions?


I'm wondering when a API 6.0 version of Nations will be available? from quick testing the only problem I see so far when using API 6 is that the '/n spawn home' command does not work with an error of "java.lang.ClassCastException" I'm possibly going to fork the repo and see if I can fix this myself. Thanks!

EDIT: I managed to get it working, not sure how exactly, but i edited line 56 of NationSpawnExecutor to match line 45 of the same file. the command fully works now, so something in like 56 is broken and I'm not sure what. Your welcome BTW (also I see no difference in the function of how the interface looks compared to before) If anyone would like this modified version let me know, I wont post it publicly due to not being 100% sure if what I did is right or not.


Hello @Arckenver I have translated .conf file to Russian language. How can I put it on your repository or give it to you to put it?


Hi ! Thanks for translating it ! You can upload it on a pastebin and give me the link :slight_smile:


Link for Nations conf


I'm not sure if your intention with the Mob flag was to keep mobs from just spawning, or keep mobs from entering altogether, but I took it upon myself to modify the plugin to keep mobs from entering because its just something I liked about previous plugins. Is this something you have planned on adding and just not got around to or was it not your intention? thanks!


Hi @Arckenver ! I just wanted to tell you that I love your plugin. This said, it would be even better if the zone selection was taking care of the "z" component of the location. This could make possible the fact of selling flats (several zones on the same parcel). Thank's for reading me ! :slight_smile:


can you add a feature about configuring messages?
on/off zone/nation enter/exit message


Be sure to put issues/ suggestions on the official Github Issues page.


anyone knows what 'Plublic' flag do?


Allows zones to be bought by players that are not in your nation (Good for selling plots for shops or houses in towns).

Not sure what the Open flag means yet, do you?


i understood! thanks :slight_smile:


Is there some flag or permission override I can use to allow anyone/everyone to break their gravestone from this mod no matter where it generated?


Not currently, you could suggest it on the Github Issues page.


the item EFLN in tinkers construct can destroy anything in player's protected Nations.
also with crayfish's furniture mod, if you have a chair in your nation and another person sits in it, they glitch out and can't move until they log out and back in