UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin


Hi everyone,

Sorry for not having updated Nations in a while. Truth to be said, I currently don't have any time to work on Nations. Hopefully, the project is now maintained and greatly improved by TheoKah whom I am very grateful for his contribution. So please from now on, report any bug/suggestion on the github issues (thanks @yepidoodles, happy to see you here :wink: ).


Nations Release v2.3

Targets SpongeAPI v5.0.0


  • Now protect entities and itemframes
  • Displays the name of president when entering a nation and the name of zone owner when entering a zone
  • added /nc as an alias for /n chat
  • added /na spy to spy on nation chats
  • added /n chat <message>
  • :warning:️moved /n output to /n help ( or /n ?) and made /n display info about own nation
  • added /n prices (alias cost, costs, price, fare, fares)
  • added /n setname (alias /n rename)
  • This is now possible to use underscores (_) in nation and zone names, this displays as a space
  • fixed a bug that caused a client disconnection with /n list when there is a lot of nation
  • :warning:️players with permission nations.admin.nation.exempt wont be taxed
  • added /na forceupkeep
  • added /na extra and /na extraplayer to handle extra blocks for nations
  • added /na extraspawn and /na extraspawnplayer to handle extra spawn for nations
  • added /z notforsale
  • added /na unclaim
  • made zone with public flag set to true buyable by outsiders


Nations Release v2.4

Targets SpongeAPI v5.0.0


  • Fixed a bug in Nation deserialization regarding extra blocks
  • Can now display nations using /n show (or /n mark, /n display, /n see...)


So there is this thing called Poké Chest in the mod Pixelmon. By interacting on the chest you will be given a reward and it can be set to just trigger once. Problem is that when you are in a nation that you are allowed to interact in and not build in, the reward will be given but code that only runs the reward once. This means that the player will be able to spamclick on the reward to infinity.
This can be fixed by allowing the player to build with that block.

So question is: Is it possible to create some kind of whitelist for blocks that will never be checked, no matter if claimed by a nation or not. Is there any possiblity to to this, and for multiply items (there are for example 3 different poke chests). Tried the gravestone thingy and set the id to the chest but with no luck.

Absolutly lovely plugin btw, keep up the good work!


Oh my bad about the gravestones. For those who wonders: it only makes it possible for players to "place" the gravestone, not to break it in nations.


Be sure to report issues here:


I want to know if there is a way to make 1 nation spawn public and others private.
Right now I have 2 nation spawns -> home and xp
I want other players to be able to /n visit nation_name xp but not home.


I don't believe you can, but you could suggest it in the Github Issues Page


There is quite a big bug on my server, no matter where I try to make a nation it says that its too close to another one, the only way to make one is with /na, and you can't claim any land. The bug appeared out of nowhere after 2 nations were created.
UPDATE: Thanks to the help from TheoKah I got it working, there later should be a update for the plugin that will fix it.


Is there a command to remove the notification when players enter different nations/zones?
It floods the screen like crazy... at the very least can you remove it from showing up on the console would be nice


I have looked all over and cannot find an option to disable the town's name prefix from showing in chat. Anyone know how to do it?


You mean the Nations chat? /nc?


In /nc I have the prefix {nationname} but in normal chat I have [nationname].


Sorry, I have it disabled so I forget it exists xD
Line 59 of the config


Omg, how did I miss that. Thank you sooo much you are a life save!


Anytime, feel free to PM me or add me on Discord (yepidoodles#5971) if you need anything else


Updated for API6.1:

Build/Download: https://github.com/maxanier/Nations/releases/tag/v2.4-API6.1


What does the "Open" flag means in an admin nation?
Also, the flag "public" as well as the "open" flag should be added with an explanation on the wiki's commandlist. As for now you only have a small piece of info about the "public" flag in the users guide but not in the commandlist.


I believe the "Open" flag allows others to claim by your Nation, but I haven't tested this theory. The "Public" flag allows people from other Nations to visit your Nation and buy Zones in it.


Hi ! Would it be possible to ensure that zones of an Admin Nation are not buyable if the player is not a citizen of the nation ? (Like for the "player" nations). Thanks !