[Unsolved] Forums.spongepowered.org Poll Data Load Issue


Hello, I conducted a poll here, and now I need to retrieve the name of users who voted to participate in the alpha testing of a plugin I’ve developed. When I tried to click on: “Show Results” > "↓ ", a infinite loading symbol keeps rolling and doesn’t show me any results. Below are my specs.

OS: Windows 10
Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox

I originally posted my issue here, on May 1st, but it seems like it wasn’t acknowledged, so I posted it here yesterday, June 21st, as I figured an administrator would see the issue, which one of them did, but instead of addressing the issue, the administrator closed the issue and said the polls worked fine. The polls work fine for simple things like voting, but when trying to retrieve data e.g. who voted, it does not work, otherwise I would have no need for these bug reports. I was then transferred over to here, which made sense, but apperantley I was in the wrong spot, so now I’m here.


@lukegb we got an issue for you :slight_smile:


It seems to work for me. Try clearing your cookies for spongepowered.org, re-login and try again.


I did that several times, but I’m still in the same boat :confused:.


Oh I think I get the same loading error. I thought you were saying there was an issue with “show results”, but it’s that little down arrow on the last question that fails to load