**Update** Sponge Plugin Competition - Win a copy of Fallout 4!

A winner has been chosen!

After a long time debating, criticizing and face-desking we have finally chosen a winner. I am proud to announce that @clienthax’s MusicBox submission has won a copy of Fallout 4!

With that said we did have an unexpected runner-up due to how close it was between the two plugins for winning. The runner-up was @gravityfox’s FoxGuard. We felt he shouldn’t walk away with nothing so he won a copy of Terraria!

I want to thank everyone sincerely for participating and we hope to do more competitions like this in the future.

Thanks again,
Sponge Team


Nice, looking forward to some quality entries. might even consider entering myself :smiley:

I’ll definetly join this contest! And what a prize!

Does it have to be completely standalone? Or can it have other plugin api dependancies? (for example PEX or WorldEdit)

It can have other dependencies…just make sure you have your build script adjusted to where I don’t have to jump through hoops :P.


Excited to see what people submit. :smile:

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i saw this project a year ago(?) when bukkit just got closed down.
it looks like sponge has come to a point where i can mess around with it.
i am now a programming student and i will see if i can find the time too cook something up for this contest.

i hope it won’t be judged too strict,
-the bodgy programmer

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What about an old plugin with a new twist?

As long as it’s your own code and your own idea, I think that should be fine. (I can’t say for sure tho)

What about writing a old bukkit project for sponge from scratch. Do everything yourself, but reuse the idea?

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We would prefer to see new and original content. :smile:

Yes, I can agree to that.

We want people to get engaged with the Sponge platform and to start writing plugins and telling us where we need to change and/or fix things.

If the plugin API is ready enough to start doing plugin competitions then I’ll definitely start looking into Sponge Development now. ~10 months ago it seemed like Sponge was so far away from any release.

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I am interested in getting into Sponge, as I have in the past few years enjoyed developing my skills with Bukkit and Spigot, but I’m worried about difficulties due to it not even being in Beta yet. Is the API stable enough to write something good? I’d love to work in some MySQL if there’s any interest.

Oh and I just saw the 17+ age requirement. I’m 16. Oh well! Good luck!

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The requirement of for the game. Not to compete in the competition.

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For the most part, I’ve found the API works quite well. Some (big) things aren’t implemented yet, but you should be able to build a plugin based off of the API regardless. Testing might be a bit more challenging till the implementation is done. Makes me wonder if a 12/22 deadline is a bit too soon considering Beta is supposed to be around the same time. Doesn’t seem to be giving people enough time to build with a working implementation before the cutoff.


Maybe there could be an alternate prize for younger participants?

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