**Update** Sponge Plugin Competition - Win a copy of Fallout 4!

Can it use ASM to create classes using Forge/MCP stuff?

You can’t use ASM to modify base classes, that would be a coremod, use Forge for that.
You could use ASM if you wanted to generate classes on the fly if you really need to.

My objective is to create classes, but am I allowed to use base methods/fields inside the generated classes?

For accessing internal classes from the game, that’s possible in the same way it is when writing your plugin classes normally. I recommend not using ASM for that because the remapper (that runs as part of the build - you need to set this up) won’t map the mcp names to srg names.
I suggest using Forge’s ObfuscationReflectionHelper if needed at runtime, but by this point you’re basically a forge mod.

Yes, and I think Mods / Tweakers (even if their objectives are any type of API for Sponge plugins) are not allowed in the competition, right?
I guess I’ll have to think on something else for this competition…

Am I allowed in the competition with my project? I’ll publish the new version(alpha) in the next weeks.

You can definitely make a coremod as long as you still use SpongeAPI for a large part of functionality.


Note this part ‘You must be 17+ or have signed approval from your parent/guardian.’. :smile:

I don’t think so:

I might try my hand at this, got a few neat ideas I never tried out. Gotta find them in my head again first though.

I feel like a longer time frame would have been better.
Sponge forums isn’t populated enough for people to notice immediately.

Like, I missed this entirely, even though I could have entered.

There is still plenty of time to create and submit something. Roughly an entire month!

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It is evident that i cannot read. I thought i saw November.

Could I work with one other person?
My boyfriend wants in on this contest too and we collab on a lot of stuff.

I’m asking because a team effort might seem unfair.


We have no issues with collaboration with other people. Whoever gets the game is up to the person/group/organization of the winning plugin.

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[quote](A photo ID must be provided if you are chosen as the winner to show proof of age)[/quote]Eh? Thanks, but no thanks.

•Must be a plugin for SpongeAPI (NMS and dependencies are allowed but it should be primarily SpongeAPI)
If someone were to, make a RPG System with custom item damages, wouldn’t they have to use NMS since the sponge api can not edit NBT tags?

Everything that you would use NBT for should be represented in the API as some sort of DataManipulator

AH I have never used Sponge but with the Api I was using, I would have to access an Items NBT tags through NMS.

You technically can through manipulation of DataContainers, if you run the server in debug mode with a plugin that writes an ItemStack to a DataContainer, you can actively see the queries and mapping of where various bits of data are. So, still, you could very well avoid using NMS for that case.