Users page?

I remember that some months ago this still worked:
Now it just returns error :frowning:. Was this intended to be blocked?

For those that wonder how the page should look like:

I thing this is intended to prevent users from spamming to get to the top of the list.


Well it is interesting to see how addicting I really am lol. But yeah I get it :cry:.
I just figured out that it indeed was intended:

Couldn’t they just remove spam like that as needed? I loved knowing how many times i have liked something than everyone else. (On that note, no one is even close to my level, I like things legitly so often there’s no way you can beat me without being illegit about it)


Its because Sponge Forums dont use the latest Discourse software. Updating it would kinda be an issue

Nope, we’re using the latest software, :stuck_out_tongue:


@lukegb painstakingly updates the forums, generally within hours of a new release.

(And if he doesn’t, he gets pinged nonstop on IRC to do so. <3)

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Well… I wouldn’t say painstakingly

Besides, most of the process is automated.

[quote=“lukegb, post:8, topic:7928”]
Besides, most of the process is automated.
[/quote]Especially now that they have a plugin that can do it without having to rebuild the entire app, which they’ve built in.

Woo, updating without losing service.

@lukegb, you are just way too fancy bro :blush:

I think that pretty well sums up why that page shouldn’t exist.


I don’t even start to get it.

No users page -> no competition between users -> All are equal.

I like that idea. The only downside i See is that i’d like to know my postcount and my like ratio (given/recieved) for informational purposes.



I don’t agree. In my opinion, we are not all equal. Some people invest more time than other. It doesn’t seem fair that those people can’t at least know they’re top.

If this is about those people reading more posts than the leaders or the developers… Please, give me a break.

I believe the only way of showing we’re informed about the project now is by helping other people in such a way that shows just that. Despite everything, we all should try to be as helpful as possible.


I meant equal in terms of power.

A regular user (who invested a lot of time) sure knows more about the topics and discussions in the forums than a new user.

I would still call myself a regular as i (and a few others) am one of the most active users here, however there’s no possibility to check that.

Number of posts posted, or likes given doesn’t indicate anything useful. Using it to compete encourages bad behaviour. Better to have quality posts then people competing to out shit-post and like each others stuff.


Just going to point this out, on the profiles of everyone, it tells you the same daata on the users page, but the users page is in a list. Unless the reason you got rid of it was other than how many whatevers people have, i see no reason to have it blocked. If a staff member could say why it’s blocked, that would also be helpful. @FerusGrim

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They don’t care if you know your own, it’s being able to compare it to others and use it as a useless leaderboard that is the problem.

The problem is you can still compare by looking at people’s profiles.

Well liking stuff isn’t really a competition, is it? I’m pretty tight on likes and don’t give any unless I really think a post deserves it, if you’re more liberal, how do we want to compare that? xD