WarCraft:MC is the attempt to recreate a WarCraft:Source / WarCraft:GO like plugin for Minecraft.

It’s supposed to feature a big set of races each with 4/5 skills that are completely customizable using the races.conf. Most abilities will be passive but they can be active (which requires you to use the command /ability1-/ability3 or /ultimate. A forgemod that’s able to map commands to keys would be good for that (Can anybody link one?)

WarCraft:MS implemets a full SkillPoint system, Mana, and extended effects. Most actions also throw a Event so you could write a companion plugin that for example adds in some visual effects or register completely new actions for skills.

The skill system gives you XP per inflicted damage per Living entity. You can let that system run on it’s own or let it reflect the Minecraft XP-System. The option to make it replace the Minecraft XP system does not yet fully work. The skill system is implemented using a book-menu structure so the only commands you need to remember are /racelist and /racemenu

The mana system can either be linked to the Food-Level or a separate Mana system that displays your Mana using a BossBar.

I still need to implement a lot of action listeners and i could actually need some help there as I don’t know how to detect jumping, sprinting and sneaking. Also I’d like to give the option to store player data in a database instead of saving a config on disk. Despite that I’ll continue to implement the rest of the actions and races I want this plugin to come out of the box with.

Also there are a LOT of debug messages going on at the moment.

The first race however is (with it’s current configuration) completed and I would love to see it tested

Note: you need the configs in addition to the plugin, otherwise you end up with no races and the plugin is useless!


wc.race.list - display all races using /racelist and the race info using /raceinfo
wc.race.change - change a race using /changerace and /spenskill
wc.race.menu - open the /racemenu to view your race (should allow /spendskill, error on my side)
wc.race.abulity1 - use /ability1
wc.race.abulity2 - use /ability2
wc.race.abulity3 - use /ability3
wc.race.ultimate - use /ultimate


Current Version: Beta 0.2 (for 1.12)
Written, compiled and tested for spongevanilla-1.12-7.0.0-BETA-306

To view the source and download the plugin please visit the GitHub
The release folder contains the release, obviously…


Beta Version 0.2
Changed the system to allow skillAction methods to return basic
information to the system up to the initial event in order to be able to
cancel and manipulate that

Default races.conf now has 4 races with skills implemented.
launchProjectile wouldn’t do it for me and player speed maipulation is
too wonky so they’re missing; Tried to put messages into config with php
like $params (ew, php :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

SkillManager now works propely;
Saving player-data works now along with global leveling;
in races.conf: levelXP is now a formula, as well as cooldown, both only
know “level” as variable

Only Printing simplified stacktrace if you mess up the config, the
parser works, read the message and fix the config! :smiley:

Bug fixes! Those are always good

P.S.: I also remove the /test command that could be used to set ones health… oopsies

This looks awesome! I hope you continue this!

I recently updated this to API 7 and it’s currently running on a private testserver.
I would like to push a few systems into my toolbox tho, to allow me to share those with other plugins i may do, so I don’t have to write these systems multiple times.

Also with a recent fix my item system should now work somewhat reliably, allowing me to write custom items for vanilla servers :slight_smile:

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This looks like something im looking for for my rpg server, could you give me a detailed list of what is available so far please?