[WIP resource] MikesToolBox

I’m currently writing a ToolBox to unify systems for some of my plugins (including WarCraft:MineCraft and a Roleplay plugin)

It currently features

  • a simple command registration feature,
  • some simple events
  • a system to apply custom effects to living entities
  • a system to create custom items with effects attached to them
  • a service designed to unify zones across all plugins that use zones

The zone system will not automatically adapt zones from other plugins but is rather thought as platform much like the economy or permission service

Some if not most features are currently incomplete and I would love to get some feedback and maybe some PRs :slight_smile:

For everyone interested, it’s currently located on my GitHub

Will it be a required plugin, or are you shading it?

I’ll use it as required plugin as shading will cause problems if it gets updated at any point and multiple plugins take advantage of it.