We need more Documenters!

SpongeDocs VI: The Search for Sentences

Greetings Spongineers.

MineCon is over, and developers are already hard at work making more stuff that needs documentation. There remain many areas of the SpongeAPI that are in need of developer-friendly explanations, and many issues remaining that need review, and/or proof-reading. SpongeDocs is already being well-read, and needs to grow as the audience for Sponge expands.

With so many now involved in developing plugins, the need for more comprehensive documentation becomes more pressing - and conveniently, there are more folk capable of providing help. If there are any devs that find themselves with a good understanding of any of the API features that have not yet been featured in SpongeDocs, contributions would be most welcome. We are always in need of folk with a sharp understanding of java and plugin development.

Essentially, we want three things:
(1) Review. (Proof-reading, grammar checks, fact checking, and general readability.)
(2) Walk-through explanations and examples of parts of the SpongeAPI in use.
(3) Everything else. Join us on IRC at esper.net #spongedocs to tell us of your plans!

I hope that helps explain our current goals and needs, and that you (or someone standing close by) can be dragooned will volunteer to help with the continuing work in the Sponge scriptorium.

Thank you for reading. Peace and/or FLARD be with you.

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Just to add, if you find any examples on SpongeDocs that are incorrect, please report them on Issues · SpongePowered/SpongeDocs · GitHub if you are able, the team can only fix what they are aware of.

Posting for help on the forums is great, but if it’s specifically the wiki that is incorrect it saves everyone time if a issue is created there.


So what exactly is a “FLARD” anyway? Is it like peace, or piece? Or is it more comparable to lard? Or possibly pie.

This may help… or possibly make things even more confused.
Then there is an explanation in Rhyme.
Much like Sponge, there is infinite potential within FLARD. It could be anything, provided the right equipment and waivers from the ethics committee.

… drifting back ON-TOPIC,

There is now an ongoing Minor-issues list for SpongeDocs, where we encourage you to report minor quibbles, typographical errors, and other small fixes that can get bundled together. This is designed to encourage contributions, and make sure minor issues don’t get forgotten or ignored. Feel free to submit separate PRs with fixes instead, if you like.