What about a roll plugin?

Hi there !

First, thanks to pay attention to my topic ^^ ! So, I’m wandering through Sponge plugins because I would like to start some RP server with a friend of mine so we could play tiny sessions together, like with a RPG. But, and I’m sorry if I just didn’t see it before, I think there’s no actual plugin that allows people to roll a dice like a roleplay one .x. (By that, I mean a dice made of twenty faces or somethin’ like this, see ?) !

I’m new to this forum so I dunno if I’m doing it as it has to be done, but here’s my request -which can also be taken as a suggestion, because I’m pretty sure this kind of plugin could be useful to other people than me !- ^^
I hope I made myself as understandable as possible, and I hope someone will accept to give me help ! Thank you for your attention, once again !

P.S : If someone already made a request about it, or if it’s something that has already be done, then I’m sorry to have created such an useless topic .x. Though if someone could give me the link to it if it’s really the case, then I’d be sincerely grateful ^^ !

Do you mean a command that rolls a random number between two values? Like 0-20 and displays the outcome in chat?

Yeah, something like this ^^ I thought of something like good old dice plugins, like the following one for exemple; which name’s is quite explicit; Dice.

Though it shouldn’t show a 0; it has to be at least like 1~20 ^x^ ! Also, do you think it could be possible to allow a player to choose what could be the maximum ? And if he could roll as much dices as he wants by the same command ? (Of course I’m just asking if it’s possible, I don’t want to force anyone to do it this way !)

I remember that @codeHusky talked about a random plugin and I think it was Dice related.

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just bumped this cause I can see how easy this is. Getting into plugin dev and learning Java and trying to find plugin requests that would be easy for my first attempt at a plugin… feel this would be extremely easy…

Would be a good plugin to start off with. Make sure you do it right, though! In-Game configuration and decent config layouts is something to keep in mind :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m very much new to Java let alone Sponge. Been doing reading on Docs and Codecademy. Think it’d be relatively easy. Because I’m new to plugins I don’t know how to do things like a config file for it so I could set the number ranges as variables that are determined in the config file. That’s really all I see to it. That’s all he really asked for, the 1 - 20. And so it’s easily usable to others, having the number ranges set on variables defined in config.

/droll = winning :stuck_out_tongue:

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