What are the differences?

#My questions is what are the differences between Spigot and Sponge?
I’m a server owner and would like to get my server up ASAP which leads me to choose Spigot, but I also want my server to be stable.
I can use spigot now and switch to sponge if I want later right??

Overall I just want things cleared up like:
What is this “legal gray area” that spigot is in and how will that affect my server?
If I want to do a switch from spigot to sponge when sponge is released, what problems am I going to run into?

You should take a look at the FAQ page, the docs and the announcements category to get all the information you want. You can use spigot now and switch to sponge, it is possible, many bukkit plugins are being ported and the pore project can run some bukkit plugins on a sponge server but also, depending on the plugins you use, some of them may not be ported and may not be usable with pore. Needless to say, when sponge is released and when the plugins you need are available it will be worth it to switch over.

Either way, Sponge is only out at the API level right now so there is no server download for you, if you want a 1.8 server you could either go with spigot or you could go with glowstone which is still under heavy development.

Spigot is in a gray area because they are still decompiling proprietary code from Mojang and even though they are not distributing it they are still in a grey legal standing for various reasons.

Ok thanks! Is there any place I could locate a list of the plugins that will be ported or that will be able to be used with the pore project?

A very nice list of plugins to be ported can be found here:

And just a tidbit of information, that search icon up in the right hand corner is extremely useful, in the future, it can save you some time when you have a question :smile:

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