What are you excited for in Sponge?

Hey folkes,

So I thought I’d join the hype train and ask what you guys are excited for in sponge.

I’m excited for:
No more plugin.yml (woo!)
HOCON config system

What about you guys :)?



I am just happy that we’ve got replacement for bukkit!


Better Mod and plugin compatibility? (One can hope!)


The fact that mods and plugins can (maybe) coexist peacefully on the same server. Also it’s new and shiny! Who doesn’t like new and shiny?


Mods and Plugins together. So no more extra downloading :smiley:

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It’s just gonna be good to start fresh and a new project.
People all look different at things and bukkit had quite a lot things that could be improved on and it just got kinda stuck because when they fixed things it would break a bunch of plugins and now is a good chance to just get it all perfect.
And it feels like this is a lot more community driven and less restricted which is nice :smiley:
So just really excited to see how the API will turn out in the end and how the community will go.

They could before, and there won’t be any auto-downloading mods as far as I’m aware (yet). I’m not really excited, just want a Bukkit replacement at so we’re not stuck on outdated software with bugs that may go unfixed.

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Im looking forward to a more open community where peoples input is more valid. I’ve never really liked the Bukkit community due to the fact you were so restricted by rules and peoples ego’s were in the way. From what i’ve seen so far Sponge seems much nicer :smile:


I am looking forward to a new community project that doesn’t have “company” fingers all over it. It is a truly wonderful thing going on here, to see all these separate projects starting to merge into one large, community owned project. It is nice to see that we have learned from some of the mistakes in the past (cough bukkit cough).

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The MIT license is awesome for selling plugins :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m exited for in-built Forge :smiley:

Maybe more efficiency (cpu usage and ram-wise?)

But definitely no corporate fingers all over it :smiley:

Sean :)
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Better forum software would be great tho

I hope for:

  • tearing out all unneaded features and replacing them easily (modding)
  • more performance
  • closer development on minecraft features

I fear:

  • time until first usable version is published
  • longer update intervalls caused by lesser support from Mojang
  • big hype and then the big disappointment
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You probably just have to get used to it. The forum software itself is pretty good and user friendly, but in the beginning it may look a bit odd. But I am sure we will be able to easily make good use of it pretty quickly.

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Did mojang even help at bukkit, except for the bukkit guys that moved to mojang (dinnerbone, grum, evilseph)?

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I don’t know… wasn’t there big news about it when Mojang hired the core members?

I am just excited that so many awesome people are working together to create a valid replacement for a once amazing server mod.

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I’m just happy that there is gonna be a replacement to bukkit. Also hopefully it will be a bit more advanced so we can do more stuff. (Bukkit felt limiting)

I’m most excited for sponge because due to the recent issues with bukkit, chances are it’s gonna be dead soon. So having this as a backup is pretty good, as well as the fact that since it’s a new API, so it has a good chance of raising the bar in the future. :slight_smile: