What Do You Think? My Basic Idea and Plans in Action!

Hello guys, I and a small group of friends have been working on a large running RPG Minecraft Server. The basic idea of the server is to allow the player to live the way they want to, do what they want in a totally open medieval Minecraft world. A Big Project I Know! Although I thought I should let the world know, and see what they think!

Completed Ideas on the Server:

  • The Server Spawn Area (Simple enough, although a lot of time was spent refining the small details)
  • The First Small Local Village
  • The Broken Capitol (Basically the big main city, where most of the things happen)
  • The Broken Capitol Castle
  • The Broken Capitol Weaponry, Armoury, Alchemy Shop, Mage’s Tower, The Winter Wall and Many Smaller Minor Buildings.
  • Pixel Perfect Statue of the King
  • Etc.

The Basic Back Story:

The idea to begin with was pretty simple, may different minor, and major places to visit, allow the player to interact with other players and NPCs. We later decided to rename the Capitol, The Broken Capitol, as it holds within the only safe place, beyond the wall in an inhospitable, cold land where dander larks every corner. Although inside the wall you are safe, and surrounded by peaky mountains etc. The player starts a while away from the capitol, and will eventually meet some local villagers who will tell him where to find the first minor town, the player is now free to do what ever he likes, simple enough I guess.

The reason I posted this is to ask of your opinion so far, and to see whether you would be interested in contributing ideas or anything else to make our idea a success! Hopefully you have some great ideas for us, and by the way I am learning how to code Java currently so, I will be able to code custom Sponge Plugins once we are up and running.

Pictures Will be Uploaded Soon to Give You an Idea of the Scale of The Project!

Be aware that RPG servers tend to take a humongous amount of time.

Source: I used to have one.


Good luck! Like @DotDash said, RPG servers tend to be time-consuming, but it should be worth it in the end.

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest looking into custom terrain for your server. It really adds to the gameplay, although custom terrain is a huge undertaking. An ocean port with traders may also be a nice addition.

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Might want a couple of skilled builders, RPG servers with good builds attracts people.

There’s always a high chance of people giving up mid-project since its going o be a long one, but if you hold it together to the end, and succeed, it will be awesome.


I myself am working on a full fledged RPG server currently and with a team over over 10 people either on plugins or building this project has taken the best of 5 months, be prepared for the long term :wink:
Good luck
Contact me if you need any advice!

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Thanks, @Tyrannokapi. I love you idea, and the feedback you gave me. I have quite a lot of time to do this in so there is no rush, and I have many different people doing all different types of roles on the server, such as builders, overseers etc. Although only 1 programmer which is me, (currently learning). I will definitely make an ocean port with traders like you said, just tell me your Minecraft name, and if you want I will put you name on it saying its your idea.

Anyway, if you would like to help us out on the server, which is in very early alpha mode of being completed just message me on this thread.

Thanks a lot @Dracomeister. Thanks for the feedback, I am determined to make this a success however long it takes, and if you see a previous comment, I said I have a small team of different roles such as skilled builders, overseers etc.

If you would like to help us out just message me on this forum.

Thanks @SHADOWeyes. I already have a group of people, like yourself doing different roles, although I am recruiting more as a type this message. I have skilled builders, overseers, planners and everything else a server may need. The one problem I am currently facing is the custom plugins, so I took up the role of the owner, OBVIOUSLY, and programmer, I am currently learning Java, and any advice would be very helpful.

If you would like to help, or have any further advice, just message on this thread.

Oh forgot to say, @Tyrannokapi @DotDash @SHADOWeyes, I will be posting some pictures as soon as I can to see what you think, maybe you could then give me some more ideas and feedback. Thanks for the help though!