What does everyone run their servers on, hardware-wise?


It might if being artificially placed under a constant heavy load


When I play with my friends, about 5/6 players tops, I use my PC as server and client for me (no hamachi).

The cracky thing is 5 years old frowning

RAM: 4GB (2GB dedicated)
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo T6600 2.2GHz
HDD: I guess my server could grow to 100GB, but they never do....
SSD: hum, sorry, what is that? wink
OS: Windows 7 SP1 ftw

There probably isn't worse blush


SSD: Coming Soon
CPU: 4x3.30GHz (was 3.50 before, wtf)


King of Bullshit Kingdom, c'mon down!

Also, lel.

EDIT: The reason I 'lel', is because Ubuntu isn't a whole lot more than a selection of 'acceptable' packages on top of a Debian kernel. They have Unity and whatnot going for them, but you could replicate the Ubuntu operating system from any Debian distrobution.

Someone who can, and I quote, '[make their] own custom version', doesn't make their own custom version of 'Ubuntu'. Or, if they do, they're kinda... I dunno. Silly, or something.

They'd most likely make a 'custom' build of Arch, or the slightly less popular Gentoo. But, even then, no one uses rolling distribution operating systems for a Server (something that requires a stable and, generally, non-changing environment).

So your entire claim was bullshit.

Why would you come to a community at least partially comprised of professional server owners and developers, and think that no one would comment on this?


@DotDash @Tommsy64 @mcmonkey @FerusGrim

Its actually not bullshit at all. Its a custom Dell R720 server blade


Also last time I checked Linux [specifically ubuntu] was licensed to allow users to make their own custom versions and distribute it under their own name.


Core speed of a single CPU is 2.7 GHz per core. The total speed of a CPU is 32.4 because of 2.7ghz X 12cores = 32.4Ghz


Ya I didn't break the 8.2 GHz world record. I was just stating that its 64.8 GHz total because each CPU has 12 cores with 2.7 GHz per core so its 2.7 X 24 = 64.8Ghz


This is a repeat of my post over in the earlier "what does your computer setup look like..."

Lian Li aluminum case
Intel i7-3960X six core CPU
Asus P9X79 Deluxe MB
nVidia GeForce GTX 660i
3ware SAS/SATA 9750-16i4e RAID controller
2 OCX Vertex3 128GB SSD's in HW RAID 1
8 WD RE3 500 GB HD's in HW RAID 6
4 WD 750 GB HD's in Linux MD software RAID 6

Running OpenSUSE 12.3 native and several Windows VM's via VMWare Workstation 10.

This machine hosts the five Minecraft servers I run for my family and
friends, has my development and test environments, and doubles as "dad's workstation" (hence the
need for the 64 GB of RAM).



Except, as I explained above, you can't just add CPU speeds together, that's not a valid measurement.


Yes I know that. I made a mistake by doing so. I will fix it.


EDIT: CPU: DUAL CPUS Intel® Xeon E5-2697 v2 2.70GHz [12 Cores at 32.4Ghz per CPU]


I never said that you couldn't make a 'custom' version of Ubuntu.

Just that it doesn't make much sense to do so.


Well the whole goal of using UNIX/Linux is to have an operating system for your computer or server for free to use and to personalize to your own liking either by customizing your current distro that you are using or make your own modified version of that distro.


I completely agree with everything you just said. Down to putting the quotations around 'custom'.

Which is why I was saying, to someone who really "customizes" a Linux distro, using Ubuntu as a starting point is...


There's actually MineOS which was designed to be a customized linux for running MC servers.


I would say that setup looks like a mess, but its just all that paperwork, I would actually say that that setup is actually pretty good for servers to run off of. May I ask what type of servers do you run for your friends and family?


Well I took apart the ISO file of ubuntu and build it from the ground up again with my developement team and made the Custom Ubuntu version that we use on all our servers [by servers i mean server blades/boxes].


I run three spigot servers, a "main" one and two smaller ones bound together with bungeecord, a Tekkit+ server (with my own modpack - I have tekkit for 1.6.4 plus ICBM, railcraft, magical crops and a few other mods), and a Pixelmon server.

The spigot servers have ~50 plugins, including all the usual ones... essentials (including group manager), prism, worldedit, worldguard, dynmap, factions, towny, multiworld, voxelsniper, etc. The Tekkit and Pixelmon server have a subset of plugins that are relevant for them.

A lot to maintain quite frankly... smile

I am really proud of the Tekkit server, largely because I have built, with some help from my kids, a full blown implementation of a fusion reactor complex, oil refinery, emergency power setup, particle accelerator complex, and complete fluid storage facility, along with a complete implementation of Applied Energistics, including autocrafting of just about everything. This requires a lot of ME interfacing with Thermal Expansion, Railcraft, and Minefactory Reloaded for crafting things that can't be crafted in the Molecular Assembler Chambers.


Discount my previous doubt for a moment, and answer me something (because I'm honestly curious): Why?

I mean, if you're going to go through the trouble of modifying a distrobution, why not start out with something more geared toward high-load servers? Like... CentOS or, God forbid, Debian. As I was saying above, my main issue with this claim is that choosing Ubuntu as a starting point for creating a custom server just baffles me. I'm honestly curious why, for someone who has the talents to do this in the first place, would make that decision. smile