What is the IRC?

How do i connect to the IRC channel with an IRC Client,

What is the name and port of the server?

It is on espernet channel #sponge. Google espernet webchat and type sponge in the channel name.

EDIT: You will have to register for espernet to chat, google how to do that, I use HexChat for IRC if you want to use a program.

I try to join the esperchat website and i cant

Espernet has been down, Im not sure why. There are other alternatives though like @RobodudeMC had said.

So there is no way to join the irc now, Is that correct?

I just said that you can use other alternative IRC sites like this one for example: Kiwi IRC

Thanks for helping me, I have never used IRC before.

Me neither, but I think esper is fixed.

I wrote a guide on how to connect to Sponge’s IRC Channel, incase you’re still having issues :slight_smile:
Connecting to Sponge’s IRC

How do you connect via HexChat?

Well the first step is reading:

Already fixed