What linux distro does everyone use?

so what linux distro does everyone use as either there main operating systems or as virtual machines or as a second operating system



i said “linux distros”

Ubuntu to test a userfriendly distro out. Been using win all the way.

I know :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually use Ubuntu as my main VM OS, but sometimes I use CentOS.

How about for a server os? As cool as Linux is for a desktop environment, it has yet to reach a truly substantial market share when compared to OS X and Windows. Although, it has grown substantially over the past few years, especially with distros like Ubuntu.

Well, back to servers… I use, whatever I find to be more applicable.

In previous years I used Debian on smaller servers, as it seemed to be more memory conscious, however, there is not really that gap anymore so it really just depends on the mood I am in. It’s no lie that ubuntu has a larger package repository, among other things… I think it makes a great Linux OS for commercial server use. Never been a fan of anything RHEL based… no comment.

On my desktop, ArchLinux all the way! :smiley:
For servers I usually stick to Ubuntu or Debian


I’m sitting at a LUbuntu machine (Laptop Ubuntu or Light Ubuntu) because it’s user friendly and very light weight.

For servers I use the core only version of TinyCore because it’s 8Mb and needs only 16Mb ram for overhead.

Archer Buddies! :smiley:


Windows 8.1 user, sorry to disappoint. But in case I do need to do something on the Linux frontier, I have Ubuntu ready on dual boot. Not to mention it is very nice having Grub as a sort of boot menu.

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I’ve used Debian and Gentoo for my Linux boxes. However I do use my main comp that has Windows 7 on it for some of the game servers that I run on it, for the ones that don’t run well on Linux(ones that have no native Linux support and don’t run well in Wine.).

Windows Primary mostly for gaming and productivity work, Ubuntu Secondary which I use for most of my, linux-y stuff, Fedora Tertiary which I just use for the sake of it, its a nice system and I sometimes like to use it. I also use Gentoo occasionally but the only reason I installed it was for the challenge of compiling the kernel and customizing everything.

On the topic of UNIX-related operating systems, If it has any form of OSX on it… burn it burn it with fire :fire:


Ah, I still remember the horrors of using iMacs back in middle school and high school… (this was like 15 years ago or so.)

Ubuntu FTW!

Arch Linux. \o/

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I’ve got Ubuntu in a Windows 10 Tech Preview Hyper-V.

I use Xubuntu as my main OS (linux + Windows dual boot). XFCE seems lightweight (at least when compared to to what I used previously - KDE).

Take a look here: wikivs.com - wikivs Resources and Information.
Lubuntu runs LXDE, which uses half the ram of the already lightweight XFCE.

I tend to go back and forth between KDE and Mate DE’s on my Linux installs, i usually used KDE on my main(not running with linux on my main at the moment, used to though.) and mate on the other ones where memory usage would be somewhat more important.

sititng on a Xubuntu laptop (ubuntu on XFCE4), and arch on main one at machine, but have usb stick with grub and arch/ubuntu/lubuntu/xubuntu/khali/fedora/mint/centOS ready to boot or install. :smile:

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