What should we call Sponge mods?

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[quote=“ColonelHedgehog, post:1, topic:1647”]I know this is jumping ahead a little, but I don’t think it could hurt to think about how users will be publishing their Sponge plugin/mods/whatever we’re calling them (I vote module!), like BukkitDev. Which of course means that we’ll have to have some sort of team that moderates and approves plugins.

There sparked some discussion here of what we should call sponge mods.

I personally think we should go with “modules.” But what do you think we should call them? Voice your opinion here.


Modules sounds good. Plus we can shorten it mod.


Sounds indeed like a good idea, but won’t there be misunderstandings about mod (modifications) and mod (modules)


Only thing is “Mod” is typically short for “Modification”. Module is only three syllables so I doubt it would need shortening.


I think module sounds neat! Also most people think “mod” is short for modification, not module.

How about spondules, spongules, spugins, splugins, splogins, spongins, spod, etc ? :smiley:


YES! That’s perfect. :smiley:


Plugins, as the great majority of them will only contain features that previously plugins were used for.


This is an excellent idea

It depends on the how the software implements them.

I’d be inclined to say plugins, for the following reasons:

  • I believe it’s the most technically accurate description
  • Common use will make it hard to change what people see them as

The only other alternative I see is addons, which gets my vote.


Modins/inmods. Or splugins.

Spods or Spugins

Let’s limit ourselves to words that actually exist, alright? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like Modules but here are others that may spark more ideas for people:

  • Extensions
  • Modifications
  • Addons
  • Expansion
  • Additions

Hopefully these will get your head running through more words, don’t forget to use a Thesaurus to expand the vocabulary of the words you can use!

Similar to modification we could call them changers or Cans for short!
What about that, lets launch that Can with Sponge :D!

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I don’t see anything wrong with what was previously used: plugins.
The majority of the community already recognize it and now that bukkit is dead (RIP), there should not be much confusion.
When I searched the internet for plugins, I’d always prefix it with Bukkit, e.g. “Bukkit economy plugin”. Misunderstandings between bukkit and sponge plugins should not really be an issue.


I see no reason to stop calling them plugins, but a suggestion that was made in IRC a while ago was ‘Droplets’ or ‘Drops’.


Stick with “mods” for forge related stuff, and “plugins” for Sponge related stuff. There is a precedent and I don’t think there is a problem being solved by changing the naming convention. My opinion, of course. :slight_smile:

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Just plugins, its pretty much what it has always been, changing it would be too much.

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Agreed. unless the person trying to pronounce the word “plugins” has no lips in which to speak the word, ending up with “shnugginz” XD