What things do you want to be in windows 10

tell me 3 things you want in windows 10

Woah already planning windows 11 features before windows 10 is even out :open_mouth:


ops :stuck_out_tongue:

windows 10 is out o ready

Developer preview only. Not even close to the full. It’s like saying the full sponge distribution is out.

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o ops :open_mouth:

i have this proram that allows me to get windows 10
its called parallels desktop
i am a windows noob

Windows 10 developer preview is free. Having VM software really isn’t that special there’s tons of them out there, but cool story.

i try it out :stuck_out_tongue: and it was ok



i heard they skipped 9

I believe it was an attempt to avoid confusion between the new Windows 9 and the older Windows 9x versions (Win. 95, 98, etc.)

It wasn’t to prevent confusion, here is the reason.

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*here is the official version

Windows 10 needs to have user privacy and not mine data to Microsoft.

I’m concerned because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows because it’s no longer product but becoming a service. Which of course raises even more privacy concerns.

First of all, it needs to remove everything added in 8…

So you want to remove the install size down, remove the improved performance, & remove things like the new task manager?

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Hmm, any 3 things?

  • Remove registry in favour of plaintext config files managed by a versioning system so that you have a record of changes, can easily mirror/replicate settings on other systems, and revert settings to prior states.
  • An equivalent of /proc and /sys.
  • Full POSIX compatibility.