Windows 10 Discussion Thread

So Microsft announced Windows 10. You heard me. They skipped 9.

So because there’s still practically no information about it besides it being more friendly to desktop users, I’m making this thread.

TL; DR Windows 10. Discuss below.

The new OS will run on all hardware devices when it ships next year, from phones to tablets and desktops, and provide software developers with a way to write applications that can span all those platforms, the company said.

The logical name for the OS would be Windows 9, but Microsoft jumped to Windows 10 to reflect what it sees as a big break from the past.

“Because we’re not building an incremental product, the new name will be Windows 10,” Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Operating Systems group, declared at a launch event in San Francisco, where he showed some early code.


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If they skip too many they’ll soon have massive numbers; Windows 31,415 anyone?


I like the feature that suggests apps when there is space left on your desktop.
Multiple desktops are also nice!

So long as what it ‘suggests’ isn’t full of stuff you have to pay for or advertisements. That’d be really annoying. And hopefully you can disable that feature entirely.

After Windows Vista/8/8.1 I’ve realized that I should wait at least half a year before deciding if I should upgrade my OS. Windows 7 is perfect for me. Not going to say much about the preinstalled Win8.1 on my laptop…

I liked 8. I don’t have much technical to say about it except it worked better with my Intuos4 than 7 does. Not hard to see why as it’s designed for touch input. I had major issues with 8.1, however. Less than a month after updating to it, it destroyed about 4.5 TB worth of HDDs. So I won’t likely use it again unless I test it on an old 80GB IDE HDD for a while first on my newer hardware.

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Windows 8 was so bad it convinced me to switch to LUbuntu, but League of Legends forced me to duel boot win 7 (no Linux version and does not play nice with wine) >:(


This is really bad. All even numbered Microsoft operating systems are worse than their odd numbered counterparts. (In contrast it is odd-number Star Trek movies that are worse than their even numbered counterparts…)

So Microsoft is going to have two bad releases in a row by skipping 9!



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sneaky bugger

@jamescowens You never know, maybe they’ll decide to skip 10 as well before releasing it.

If 10 is really as bad as 8, then they might as well. Although I have seen some preview videos, and it looks like they are restoring much of Windows 7 for Windows 10, with some more moderate touch base stuff integrated in, so maybe they will break the even-odd rule this time!

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I wouldn’t call it an ‘even/odd’ rule, more like an ‘every other version’ rule, so I doubt windows 10 will be that bad, and I also heard it might be a free update for windows 8 users! (me included) :slight_smile:


We all deserve a free update after Windows 8! :smile:


I will be downloding and installing the tech preview later tonight. Anything I should expect or hope for?

Expect cookies. Send angry letters of they don’t deliver

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Got the Windows 10 tech preview installed. Alright so far, seems to have it’s own boot loader to let you check for OSs on other partitions. Also…

LYK if you saw this poor blokes face as soon as you went to install another browser

On another note, it looks like the full install takes about 28GB. I’ve also installed my GTX550ti driver with no issues.

Looks like there’s also alternate password options, so you can sign in by re-creating a certain gesture on a picture (can’t use that myself at the moment, some sort of enrollment issue), and a 4-digit pin password option.

They’ve also modified the context menu for the start menu button. Gives ya quite a few different options to access settings panels, shut down/restart, etc and some other stuff. Next to that, there’s a search icon and task view icon I can’t seem to remove as it isn’t pinned to the start bar like everything else -.-

Is there a windows classic theme and start menu option? If not I will stick to LUbuntu with win 7 on the side thankyou very much! :wink: but seriously, classic theme and start menu?

I don’t see anything that can restore the 7 start menu, although it’s not the full screen live tiles anymore, instead it is a side menu as it was before, but with some major alterations (it can be resized):

This can be pulled up at the top to be more vertical

In case you want the start menu view in context:

Here’s the settings for it:

There’s one additional setting at the bottom of that list and it’s to include System Admin Tools in the start menu. Or something like that.

You can personalize it a bit more since it inherits the window color set in the Personalization menu. (Right click and open the image in a new tab to see the full-size version if you want)

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Classic theme restores win 95 start menu and window headers, turns off window animations it’s in every version including 8.1 except 8 (and now aperently removed from 10) >:()