Where are you from?

am canadian
hopefully am not the only canadian here

Neither! I’m from New Zealand/Middle Earth.


Hope you don’t mind; I edited the title of this topic to make a bit more sense. :smile:

I’m from Michigan, USA.

its ok ferusGrim :smile:

Texas, USA #InternetMasterRace

Porto, Portugal.
I believe I’m the only Portuguese around currently, but I hope not.

Greetings from Germany! :wave:

Afaik there are more germans here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m from the USA.

I’m lost, does that count?


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Indiana, USA (What’s these other places people are talking about on this thread :trollface:)


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But I wish I was german D:


Adelaide, Australia.

Andràsfa, Hungary
I’m the only Hungarian on this forum :frowning:

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. (Maybe I should say Gondwanaland, I’m almost ancient enough ;))

I live in Texas but I am originally from Athens, Greece.

I live in waffles :stuck_out_tongue:. But no: Izegem, West-Flanders, Belgium.

Greetings from Germany, too :full_moon_with_face:

I’m from Germany :de:, too. Because of there are so many Germans on this forum the German SpongeDocs are so far translated :grin:

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