Where's "Regular"?

It’s gone.

The badge that showed that we had no lives and we were just forum lurkers.

I noticed on myself first. I checked my badges and POOF!, it’s gone.

Then I checked DotDash’s. And then TBotv63’s. They’re very active on the forums. I checked their badges.

Nothing. Zip. Zero.
What’s going on!


This was explained in SoS IV, but I’ll go ahead and cover it really quick.

Regular status is something we’ve removed for a number of reasons.

  • It was being abused, in some rare occasions.
  • It was being used incorrectly, or prematurely, in situations where it wasn’t necessary.
  • We have a moderation team, which handles the responsibilities that Regulars aren’t trained on, and therefore were doing incorrectly.
  • It was causing elitism, among a few members (which was also the reason the Lounge was removed, a couple months ago).

It’s been removed, or rather impossible to gain, until further notice.


That was stated earlier on the SoS. They’ve moved to a moderator - user moderation system from the user - regular - moderator system, because they think that it kinda creates chaos.


Argh. Like a second… But yours is better anyway.

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Currently there should only be a single user with regular status: @Zwei
That is obviously by accident

But yes, all regulars are members now.
I don’t mind it as Ferus ninjas me almost everytime anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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First off I do support this, pretending I don’t, here is something I typed up before I came back to my pc (an hour after I wrote this & changed my mind.)I’m posting this because

I’m curious as to what the reply’s are to this.

That’s not a good reason, everything with power can & might abused. Take the staff channel logs for example, They weren’t supposed to be, & the perpetrator had staff privileges take, you didn’t remove the rank entirely. So if a user abuses a forum rank you remove the rank? How is that supposed to work?

So people who spend money on sponge get to be elite, while people who spend time get nothing? You sure it isn’t you with the elitism? Also excluding the power that is given, almost Every other forum software has ranks on how active you are on the forums overtime, for post counts & time spent on the forums(granted on other software it’s easier to get the ranks).

So were all supposed to be perfect?

That is true, however there has been, and is still times were the Regulars reply faster than the staff. However I see your point. (Also some off us don’t have real life’s most the time, unlike the staff)
You could always train those you think should have the limited power, and grant a separate rank for it.

Anyhow the points given make sense, however I think my main issue is that the extra power may not be needed to be given to everyone who spends ludicrous amounts of times on the forums, just the rank title to show the non-staff dedication of time spent to the forums.

Ok so old rant over, this the sponge forums, it should be run the way sponge decides, the community isn’t always right. I support this decision 100%.

EDIT2: Ignore my previous edit, if you saw it.

No. But when it’s abused on several occasions, by several people… yes.

What makes you think that because you spend time on the forums, you’re better than anyone else? The people who donate get a pretty badge - that’s it. Donators get no more special “powers” than anyone else.

I’m not entirely certain how you could possibly say I’m elitist, purely from the quote. I suppose it’s possible. If you find that my alleged elitism is causing me to make mistakes, feel free to call me out on it.

  • The power was the problem.
  • Most forums have a title system, where users get new, special titles depending on posts.
  • We don’t care what other forums do.

Nope. However, it was proven repeatedly that the people who exercised the abilities that came with Regular status weren’t using them correctly. It’s not about being “perfect”. We’ve just decided we’ll let our moderation team take care of issues.

I’m not sure that a few seconds, minutes, hours, or even days is really much of an issue in the long run, when it comes to moving topics that are in the wrong area.

As a user, you can flag these posts to bring them to our attention faster.

We do that, actually. They’re called Moderators.

This sort of response is exactly why Regulars shouldn’t be taking care of topics. If you had cared to take a look at the situation, the poster of that topic made a double post; One in Plugin Resources, and the other in Plugin Development. I closed and unlisted the topic in Plugin Development, telling him that the one he had in Plugin Resources was fine.

So that’s


To anyone not checking, it looked like the poster made one post witch you locked & unlisted, then the poster had to remake his in another. It wasn’t exactly clear originally.

This is my last post about this.

It didn’t happen all that rarely. I was just trying to be nice. But, since you bring it up: A few members were quite good at making a mess of things, by constantly abusing/incorrectly using the ability to move topics.

As far as my post being unclear about the purpose of my decision, it wasn’t for anyone else to read.

The topic was closed and unlisted for a reason - the only one who needed to know what I did was the OP. I’m fairly certain he knew he posted two topics. It was your own presumptuousness which made the issue more than it was.

Notice I said:


I tend to agree, while it was nice having a level of power an automatic system for promoting people to even moderator-ish powers was a mess waiting to happen. Saw this coming from a mile away :stuck_out_tongue:

On a personal note I probably would have lost rank within a few days due to inactivity. Finals and final projects for school just consume time.


@FerusGrim is always watching…


Except when other people watch before him.


um… Why me? BTW I don’t have it. It was granted to me, but then I lost it with everyone else.

I agree with this.

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If you became a regular just a few days ago, then this rank will stay for at least 14 days. I think it will get revoked after that period. Nothing bad about it, you just accidentally tricked discourse :smiley:

Seems someone manually revoked it from you. So nothing to worry about here :wink:

Common. Ferus is here almost anytime…
Topics can stay in the wrong category for a few hours… :wink:

But i agree, i’m sad regular is gone. I liked that badge…
Not the power, but the badge itself.

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Eh. Really don’t care that much about moving topics etc… I was probably just as active (more active) before I was a regular and It’ll stay that way afterwards aswell. And as for the “powers”, I personally thought that there were some pretty stupid situations caused by people not paying attention and just moving stuff, and I don’t use them anyway. So whatever.

EDIT: Wait, Ferus didn’t ninja me? lol


I never used the regular stuff. Kinda sad to see my badge go though. I’ll still read every topic.



And this.

The Regular badge showed our dedication to the Forums and to the project. Most Regulars were merely trying to help when they used their powers, and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind losing them, and long as they could keep the badge.

Call it vanity if you want to, it might as well be it. However, I believe I can speak for everyone and say that we liked it, we were happy to become regulars when we did, and would deeply appreciate having the opportunity again.


I’d like to distinguish this a bit:
-donators get nothing exept a badge
-regulars got more power on the forums + the regular status

I was happy when i became a regular and yes, i’m sad because i didn’t abuse my power (at least i think i didn’t) but got regular revoked.

I’d suggest the following:
-enable regular status again, but limit it to the power of normal members

This way the reading and contributing to the forums is still rewarded but no power can be abused.


I just see it as another instance of “why we can’t have nice things” xD