Who's hyped for WINDOWS 10?!

I am!

Countdown here: http://itsalmo.st/#windows10_t23th

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I am just here to see the image of Homer Simpson


I can’t upgrade until the OS is vetted by my IT department. =/

If it’s anything like here, you could be waiting a while.

Is there a dislike button. D=


Let me tell you what my supervisor tells me…“It is not cost effective to upgrade at this time.”

You’re not part of the IT department?!

As for windows 10, meh. Not as bad as win 8, will upgrade

I’m in a different technical department that doesn’t decide what we use on our computers.

Windows 10 looks to be fancy: New cool icons, DirectX 12, Startbutton. However if it is going to be as bad as Windows 8 i will switch to Linux mint i promise!

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I have the developer preview. It’s not bad. Still needs work but I feel it’s coming along nicely.

Did you installed it directly to your PC or just made a VM? And how it feels with the performance? Did you played any games already?

Windows 10 will perform better than Windows 7 or 8.X. I’m speaking both in technical and personal experience. The average Joe will love the boot times.

I installed it Directly on my laptop. Its runs really smooth. Boot time was only a few seconds on SSD ,which is a few seconds faster than my windows 7 install. I’m pretty impressed overall. Haven’t tested any gaming yet. My laptop won’t hold up to the task.

I tried it. And it was continously doing “Pjong”, “pjing” and making strange noises. That notification panel is annoying as hell. At the positive side. Their isn’t a change you miss a post on the forums.

I think i will crack me it as soon as its going to be released and try it out :smile:

Not really. But I do need to install Windows before October because…


FNAF is literally the worst game to switch OSs for.

It’s literally free for all people who own Win 7 or 8. Also, don’t talk about doing illegal stuff here.

Why? It’s pretty good. Most run on wine but FNAF4 might not