Will SongeServer support BungeeCord?

i have a question is SpongeServer will support BungeeCord ?

it will be possible to mix together Spigot and Sponge server with BungeeCord ?

Bungeecord is a standalone proxy, so yes you will be able to mix different types and you will be able to use it with sponge.


Yes. A few months ago a lot of work was done to make FML, Forge, and Cauldron compatible with BungeeCord. SO the groundwork is already there. We will definitely have bungeecord support.


thx, eclipse compile my test sponge api :slight_smile: w8 4 final version of server :slight_smile:

THX, i will make a tutorial how to make secures sponge servers on KVM with OpenBSD Firewalls :stuck_out_tongue:
Darkrcana - can you please unban me on caludron forum? :slight_smile: i did not do anything wrong :slight_smile: and i donated the caludron and have server based on it mcpc (mocreatures.pl) caludron (technicpack.pl) :smile:

and i have a question about cludron what is the latest version for 1.7.2 i have moded server mocreatures that i have with outdated mcpc engine and i need to connect this server to other via bungee and upgrade to caludron but now hard to find what is latest version and what md5sum are correct for engine and libs.

This is not the Cauldron forums. Your ban was upheld after review by three moderators. Do not bother people about it on another forum. And Iā€™m not answering Cauldron related questions here :P.