Will Spigot work with Sponge?

So, I just joined, I haven’t read a lot of threads yet, but Im wondering does it work with Spigot and essentials? Because I use McProhosting and they offer bukkit 1.7.9 R0 3 Witch I used to use, but Now I use spigot 1.8.7, And I know Spigot Is based off of the bukkit API.

this is pinned in the Sponge category. it contains answers you seek. [OUTDATED] The Complete Beginner's Guide to Sponge

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Perhaps another equally helpful link for those new to Sponge:


No it doesn’t work with Spigot or Essentials (for bukkit)

Essentials is recoding(porting) their plugin for Sponge, so once released their will be an essentials available.

If you don’t have the option to upload your own .jar you will need to contact mcprohosting when SpongeVanilla is out, or use Forge with the sponge mod installed.

A lot of the time those “use spigot or bukkit” options on hosts are for ease of use, and they actually do allow you to use your own server jars. Others are more locked down.